Yahoo Mail Spam Filters Not Working – How To Fix?

Yahoo spam filter not working

Are you a yahoo mail user and your Spam Filter in Yahoo not working properly? If yes, then no need to get worried as there are ways through which you can easily manage and overcome these spam filters, not working issues. There are a number of users who are confronting problems in their email spam filters, but they are unaware to identify the problem in the first phase.

In order to do this if your yahoo spam filter is not working properly then you can receive emails that are no use to you and gather a lot of junk and spam emails in your inbox which ultimately wastes your time and space.

To resolve this issue you need to read this piece of write-up and get complete info about how to resolve the Yahoo Mail spam filter not working issue in a few simple steps. Spam email filters not working properly in Yahoo Mail have become a central issue for most Yahoo users.

How to Fix Yahoo Mail Spam filters Issues

In case your yahoo filter isn’t working properly or is not filtered in the right folder then it’s good to check your mail settings and filter guidelines linked to your account.

Empty filters

  • In case you create a new empty filter that doesn’t enclose any rules.
  • You need to check all messages sent by an email address with a blank character to the Yahoo Inbox.
  • In this case, when you open your yahoo mail you will see that an empty filter is at the top of the filter list.
  • Along with this, all other filter rules are diminished and all your emails are instead sent to the Inbox.

Multiple criteria

  • Check your filter criteria and all the rules which help in determining which mail to filter.
  • In case you want to filter all messages then you can create different folders for every criterion.
  • Keep in mind that not use off-putting rules for the filters avoid using terms like “does not contain. You should opt for rules like with positive criteria like “Starts with.”
  • Along with this if you are using POP then you can only download email from the Inbox folder.

In case you are still not able to know the exact reason behind this issue then you can simply get connected with a tech expert by dialing a toll-free customer support number for yahoo and get issues resolved successfully.

3 Comments on “Yahoo Mail Spam Filters Not Working – How To Fix?

  1. My Spam messages in has suddenly increased from 2 per day to 35 per day.
    WHY? I have not been into Settings for the longest time.

  2. The first step in fixing something is to admit you have a problem. Yahoo doesn’t seem to understand that no other email client produces dozens and dozens of emails per day that slip through spam filters. They do not allow the users to set the filters and clicking “spam” does nothing. How can a company not know that onmicrosoft (.com) is not microsoft? Norton, McAfee, account restricted, antivirus expiring, spoofing banks with account restricted and on and on.

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