Yahoo! Account Is Not Working on Other Devices

yahoo account is not working

Many users face a problem with their Yahoo! account while they try to access it through their mobile devices. These mobile sign-in problems are caused either due to the issues in your device or issues with your mail account.

Find the issue

  • Sign in to your account through a computer system.
  • If you can access it then the problem is with your device otherwise the problem is with your Yahoo! mail account.
  • Fix the problems with your mail account before moving ahead.

The solutions here are divided on the basis of OS issues and other issues related to your mobile devices. Let’s have a look at the possible solutions for major operating systems.


Ways to fix Yahoo Mail problem with iOS Mail

  • Check if the account works outside the iOS mail app in a web browser. If any issue occurs – fix that; if not continue with the next option.
  • Update your operating system for the latest version of the software.
  • Delete and Re-add the Yahoo Mail to iOS Mail using Yahoo Mail IMAP settings.
  • If you still can’t use yahoo account trough iOS Mail, then download the Yahoo Mail App.

Ways to fix Yahoo Mail problem with Android Mail App

  • Get the latest version of the Android app.
  • If you cannot sign in to Yahoo mail through Android Mail App, remove your mail account and re-add it to the Android Mail App.


Apart from the OS issue, there can be other problems. You might be facing a problem in signing into your account directly from the mobile web browser. If so then check for the following things:

  • It could be a possibility that your device auto-capitalize the first letter of your password. So, do check for that.
  • Some mobile devices even have issues with special characters. So you can remove them from your password through computer and then try accessing your mail via your mobile app.
  • If you have enabled two-step verification, you will require an app password to access Yahoo! Mail on your mobile.
  • Clear cache by deleting temporary files the app is using.
  • Check the internet connectivity on your device; it is essential for the app to work properly.

If you have tried all the above-mentioned options and are still facing issues in signingin, you can contact Yahoo! customer support or some third party customer service provider. The third-party customer support allows finding solutions in minimum wait-time with the help of certified experts. You can call the toll free number 24 hours during any day of the year.

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