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How To Recover Forgot Yahoo Mail Password

Emails have become an important part of our daily routine. We have to send and receive various emails to different people for personal reasons as well as for professional. These days a single person has accounts with different websites for different reasons including email accounts, social networking accounts, financial accounts, official resources and official software and many more. The higher numbers of accounts creates a huge problem of remembering the account credentials. It is a very hard thing to remember all account names and passwords to all of your account. You can have a similar username but having same password to all your accounts is a huge security risk.

All of us have experienced a moment when we were going to login to our Yahoo email account and all of a sudden we realized that we have forgotten the password. Forgetting password is something very rare, it is very common. There are huge numbers of email users who forget their passwords in a single day. Yahoo is also familiar the problem with passwords so he has taken some very important measures to ensure that its users does not just stay locked away. It has implemented different methods that can help you to recover the lost email account.

Options for Yahoo Mail to Recover Forgot Password:

Yahoo has following options available that can help you to reset your Yahoo account password:

  • Secret answer and date of birth
  • Alternate email address
  • Your mobile number


Recover Yahoo Mail Forgotten Password:

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it through the alternate email address or phone number you have provided. All you will have to do for password reset is:

Enter your Yahoo ID and click next

yahoo login

Click on “forgot password?” right below the sign in button

yahoo forgot password

At this step, Yahoo will ask you to provide alternate email or phone number, enter the one you are going to use and “continue” button

Here you can request a link to reset your yahoo email password

link of reset yahoo password

Now get to the link emailed or texted by Yahoo and open it

It will ask you for a new password. Here you can change password by simply providing a new one

reset or change yahoo password

Reset Yahoo Mail Password Via Security Question

You can also reset Yahoo email account password through using secret question and date of birth. You will have to follow the below given instructions for the purpose.

  • Go to the Yahoo’s Sign-in Help page, enter your Yahoo ID and click on “Next” button
  • You will have to provide the right CAPTCHA code here to move to next step
  • At this step select “use my secret question” option and hit the next button
  • At this stage, you will have to provide the answer to your secret question
  • After clicking next, it may ask you your date of birth. Select the right date and click next
  • Now it will ask you for a new password. Just enter your new password and get control of your account back.

Problems with Sign-in Helper:

Yahoo is one of the most popular email services providers and has billions of users. Such a higher numbers of users have caused Yahoo to be strict and rigid when it comes to the security of user accounts. Yahoo’s sign-in helper is useful most of the times and you can successfully recover your account but unfortunately not all the times. Yahoo collects very limited information of its users which makes it harder for you to recover your account.

For the purpose you have to make sure that you have provided alternate email and phone number. Your date of birth should be accurate and you must remember answer to your selected secret question. If you are unable to provide the required information, your account will stay locked and you will lose it forever.

Get Help from Yahoo Mail Technical Expert:

If you are unable to recover the password, you can contact us anytime you have to. We are available 24×7 to offer our support to our clients. We have been offering solutions to all kinds of email problems through a team of experienced specialists. If you are unable to recover your password the normal way, our experts have few tricks up their sleeves. You come to us for your Yahoo password recovery knowing that you will get a full recovery of your account even if it is hacked. We can be contacted through live chat, email and customer services phone number.

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  1. I’m unable to reset my password to my yahoo email stephaniec8944[at] can you walk me through getting into my account with a temporary password

  2. i cannot login into my acc, i put a correct email and password. but i forgot my verified questions. how can i get my yahoo mail back. plsss, i need your help. my instagram acc had be hack by someone. this is emergency. i very very need your help to login and get my yahoo acc back.

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