What to do if MSN Spam Filter Not Working?

Getting too many spams on a regular interval of time can be a recipe for disaster.  You must take appropriate steps to keep the wolf away from the door.

You may have heard about the websites that promise to remove your email address from the spam list but most of them simply pull a fast one on you. They are the real address collector used by the spammers.

If MSN Spam filters aren’t working:

Log on to the MSN account and click on the settings.

msn account login

Choose “Options” followed by the “Filters and Reporting

option of filter in msn

Select “Exclusive – Only trust email from my Safe Senders and Safe mailing lists, contacts, service announcements, and alerts I’ve signed up for

filter option in msn

Press the save

save msn setting

You must add the email addresses of your friends, colleagues and family members into the address book so that you won’t miss any email from them. However, you have an option to add the email address as a safe sender. Press the safe sender button and add the list out there.

Tips To Prevent Spam Mail in MSN Account

  1. Block the email address right away, if you are getting emails continuously.
  2. Revoke all the access from unknown applications, games, and programs.
  3. Never leave your MSN email on discussion forums.
  4. Never reply to unknown senders.
  5. Be sure to whom you exchange your MSN email address.
  6. Update the internet browser to the latest version available.
  7. You also must update the operating system at a regular interval of time.
  8. If you have recently installed any add-ons or browser extension, disable it.
  9. Installing games and applications from an unknown source can also be the reason for getting the spam.
  10. Go to the control panel and verify closely which programs are there in your system. Uninstall the program you never heard of or you never installed deliberately.

Always remember that you can’t get rid of spam completely. The fact of the matter is that you can only reduce the number of spam gradually by acquiring good internet habits.

If you think that you have tried all the steps mentioned above and still getting the heavy rain of the spam in your inbox then, Contact MSN customer service toll-free phone number and get the instant support for the same.

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