How to Set up Yahoo Account Key and Stop Using Passwords – Updated

Now it’s not important to remember your Yahoo account password. You can now set up a Yahoo Account key to stop using passwords. In case you don’t remember your complicated yahoo passwords, you can use your Yahoo Account Key to access your account.

To sign in, you need is to simply click on Yes on the notification that Yahoo will send to your mobile phone. With Account Key enabled, no one can use your account without your permission.

In this post, you will get complete information on how to set up a Yahoo Account Key. Follow the steps mentioned below:

How to Set up Yahoo Account Key on a Web Browser

  • Sign in to your yahoo account, open the Account Info section, and go to the Account security page.
  • In Yahoo Account Key, click on see how it works.
  • Confirm the device and app which you are using.
  • Select Send me a notification to obtain a test Account Key on your device.
  • Now click Yes on your mobile device.
  • Then click Always use Yahoo Account Key in the web browser.
  • Finally, confirm your mobile phone number.

Steps to Set up Account Key from Yahoo mobile app

  • Open the Yahoo app on your mobile device and tap the Profile icon.
  • After that, tap on the Account Key icon under your email address.
  • Tap Set the Account Key to get a sample key.
  • Tap Confirm on the screen.
  • Tap Got it on the confirmation screen.
  •  Click Enable Yahoo Account Key.
  •  After this, you will get notified whenever you sign in to your yahoo account.

The above simple steps can help you set up Yahoo Account Key from a web browser or Yahoo mobile app.

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  1. I tried some many times for Yahoo mail, but it should be sent by account key my another rediffmail account I forgot password of rediffmail since lost eight years not used rediffmail account , I am using Yahoo mail only
    However now how to get the account key without old mail . So kindly explain and help to us

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