How to Restore Lost or Missing Emails in Hotmail

Restore Lost or Missing Emails in Hotmail

Hotmail users have recognized a rare problem when they found that some of the emails from their inbox are missing. The emails they have received are not there in their email account. This is really annoying when you want to take reference from any mail, but that mail is not there.

What should a Hotmail user do?

How to restore lost or missing emails in your Hotmail account?

We have this quick guide for Hotmail users who have found missing emails in their inbox. This will guide you through the complete recovery process of missing emails.

Steps to restore lost or missing received emails in your Hotmail account

  • The first step is to sign in to with the email address and password from which you have lost or missing the emails
  • Now, go and click on deleted folder/Trash from the left pane of the screen from the folder list
  • And, then click on restore deleted messages to get back your lost or missing emails
  • This will restore your all lost and missing email once again

This works when you have lost or missing those emails who received to you; but what if you have found that your sent messages are missing. Here we have a solution for this situation too. It will help you get your missing emails once again.

Steps to restore lost or missing sent emails in your Hotmail account

  • The first step is to sign in to your Hotmail account
  • Here from the home page, you need to click on the Mail & More option in the icons from the top of your screen
  • Then go to the left navigation, click on each of the Sent Messages folders from Folders on MSN and under Folders on your Computer to see if copies of your sent emails are available there or not. In case, not there then you need to continue with the next steps
  • Here at the top of the screen, just click on the Help & Settings icon and then click on the E-mail Settings option
  • Now click on Email options, here you need to make sure both of these options are checked
  • Save a copy of each sent message in the Sent Messages folder
  • Save a copy of each sent message in the Sent Messages folder on this computer

And your recovery is done. Now onward, you won’t miss any sent mail from your Hotmail account and previous ones too.

With the help of these steps you can easily restore lost or missing emails in your Hotmail account, or for any other technical help you can contact certified customer support executives.

17 Comments on “How to Restore Lost or Missing Emails in Hotmail

  1. An email has disappeared from my inbox it has been there for some time but not as long as others.
    It’s a very important email. I have exhausted all options in finding it.
    I can’t understand why it has gone.

  2. I had to restore my entire mailbox after all my emails got moved to deleted items. What is going on??

  3. Hi. I went into my email there and it seems the emails i had in the inbox have been deleted my them selves. Put i had a folder with saved important emails in it. And they have also disappeared. I need them back ASAP!!!

    • Some time ago this began happening: I would save emails in folders, when wanted again, THEY HAD GONE.
      HOW do I get them back?

  4. One mail missed from my junk folder.i have checked all folder but not found.

  5. Emails in my Hotmail Inbox have disappeared. The same thing happened about 2 months ago to one of the sub-folders. But they are still somewhere in the Hotmail system because I can recover some by searching for a recipient or a subject.

    • I too have lost most, but not all of the emails that I had saved in a specific folder. Only one folder was affected. It happened once before, almost one year ago to this date. Have you been successful in recovery attempts? Tx

  6. You know what, I have been trying to anyone of my e-mails, yahoomail,gmail,hotmail,, all these e-mails can not open, even I followed instructions I stacked so what can I do? to my mails or inbox?

  7. Hi, I have had a hotmail account since late 80s. After upgrading to outlook, all my old emails have just disappeared. How do i restore them?

    • I am not receiving all of my emails and can’t seem to recieve some very important ones!!

    • With due respect, I write an email to you a few days ago, did you receive my mail. I wait for your urgent answer via e-mail.

  8. Hi.

    I lost a lot af mails, saved in different folders.

    I want them back.

    How can I get them back?

  9. I had my Hotmail account setup with Office 365 Windows Outlook app, since 4 years ago. However recently (7-Sep-2021), I was contacted by Microsoft advising to re-set my password due to SPAM activities. Accordingly, I re-set my password using Outlook Web and all went well. However, when I tried to update the password on Outlook Windows app, it kept asking to re-enter the password. It was so annoying, regardless of several attempts and restarting the PC, the issue was persistent. However, I could still log in through Outlook Web with no issues. It is to be noted, I have always used Outlook Windows app vs Web app. Since the issue was persistent, I got frustrated and deleted the Outlook Windows profile for Hotmail and re-created a new profile in Outlook for Windows. Setup went well and no more password issues. I allowed approx. 24hous for all the Folders to synch with Outlook Windows. However, upon checking after 24hours, I noticed emails received since 12 months ago, stored in three separate folders have completely disappeared. But some other folders and Sent items have all the emails up-to-date. Could you please advise, how I can restore or locate those emails lost.

  10. Yesterday evening 01/02/2022 all my emails on inbox without doing anything disappeared, one moment they were there two minutes after they disappeared, can i have them restored as they are very important for me?

  11. I have specific emails missing as well. They are in my inbox on my iphone but not in the inbox when I sign in on the website. This is ridiculous. I am planning to go with another email provider, maybe gmail or another yahoo account. I panicked and assumed my account may have been hacked and changed the password.

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