How to Reset Hotmail Account Password

Reset Hotmail Account Password

The idea of remembering the arcane combination of numbers and letters for you seems really difficult. In fact, when you have so many passwords and Pins to remember; the password of your Hotmail account comes last on the priority list. When you are new to Hotmail or you just recently created the account with it; you will find the difficulties to remember the password.

You will search to find ways to get the password recovery in case you have forgotten it, but you have to understand that it can’t get recover. The Hotmail account password you have forgotten can’t get back. You need to understand that until you use the correct combination of username and password; you won’t get access to your Hotmail account.

What is the solution now?

How a Hotmail user can get access to the account, when forgets the password or lost it?

Yahoo understands this concern carefully; so they have created the password reset method for your Hotmail account. This is the ultimate rescue in the case when a user forgets or lost the password. With the help of the password reset method, you will be able to reset it with a new one.

Steps to Reset Hotmail Account Password:

We have this guide for all Hotmail users to learn and understand the correct method for a password reset.

  1. The first step is to go to the Windows Live Hotmail password reset page or click on this link

sign in hotmail

2. Here, click on I forgot my password option

3. Then you need to identify your Hotmail account, so enter your Hotmail email id or username or mobile number for further recovery

4. Also, enter the characters from the captcha under Characters

5. Then click on Next button

6. Here, in the further recovery section, you need to select a password reset link to be sent under Select an option for resetting your password accordingly and click on Next button

7. You will get the password reset code or the password reset link as you requested accordingly

8. Along with this, if you have set up a security question with a secret answer; then you need to answer it and then click on the Next button

9. After that, you need to enter the desired new password under New password option and Retype new password option

10. Now, you need to click on Continue button followed by Done

You have successfully reset the password with a new one

Note – You need to be careful while resetting the password; the new password should enter carefully and if possible then try to memorize the password carefully.

If you are still facing any issue in resetting the Hotmail account password then you can contact the Hotmail customer service team for help.

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