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Outlook Keeps Asking for Password? Fixed

Certainly, Outlook has taken the corporate world by storm. It is, indeed, one of the widely used email client platforms for various businesses and business communications, owing to its easy-t0-use interface and security. At the same time, one cannot overlook its downside.

Despite guarded by top security protocols for instant and effective secure communication, users of Outlook do face various technical glitches, and amongst them is – “Why Outlook keeps asking for a password.”

The above question can have a list of possible solutions, to be honest. Here, we have tried to give you a compilation of solutions that would help eliminate the issue and leave you to enjoy the uninterrupted services.

Outlook Keeps Asking for Password

Outlook Keeps Asking for Password? Here Are Solutions

Correct Credential Settings –

You need to make sure whether the option ‘Prompt’ for credentials is checked in profile or not as it could be a possible cause for the message to keep coming up. Here’s what you need to do –

  • On Outlook, go to ‘File’ and select the “Account Settings” option in “Account Settings
  • Click on the exchange account
  • Select the “Change” button and click “More Settings
  • Now, click the “Security” tab
  • Here, you need to check whether the “Always prompt for login credentials” option is not clicked or selected (this is located under ‘user identification’)
  • Click ‘OK
  • Now, restart Outlook

Reset Log-in Settings –

Did you follow the above-mentioned solution? Are you able to stop the issue? If the first solution proved unfruitful, here is another solution for you to try. Yes, you need to reset the log-in settings for Outlook. The task can be carried through the Windows Credentials Manager by following the underneath steps.

  • Go to the “Control Panel” section and select “Credentials Manager
  • Navigate User Accounts >> Credential Manager
  • You need to remove any stored log-in credentials referencing ms.outlook email address or office 365 – in the Windows credentials and Generic Credentials
  • Select “Remove from vaults” under the “Details” section
  • Don’t forget to check ‘Yes’ on the warning box
  • Like this, you have to remove all the credentials linked with your email ID (repeat the steps)

Clearing Cached Passwords –

Users are advised to clear the cached credentials from time to time. The reason being, Windows system automatically stores user credentials on the system.

  • Go to the “Control Panel” section and select “Credentials Manager
  • You need to locate the credentials that show Outlook in the name
  • Expand the set of credentials by clicking the name and select “Remove from vault

Though looks pretty complex, it can easily be done just by following the instructions. Users can also seek assistance from the professionals if they are not able to fix the issue. The outlook customer support team is ready to help you around the clock.

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