How To Retrieve Old Emails From Yahoo Account

If you are a yahoo user and looking for ways to retrieve your old emails from your yahoo account, then there is good news for you as you can recover all your emails back into your account if you act quickly. Sometimes accidentally, your yahoo mail emails get deleted by you, and later when you open your inbox, you realize the important emails are missing from the account as that time, you need quick steps through which you can quickly fix this issue instantly.

It’s good enough that if you can have your Yahoo! Mail account restored to a previous state. However, in case you take steps speedily, there is a possibility that Yahoo users can restore their emails to their mailbox, and their inbox looks the same as in a previous state using a backup copy. Here in this piece of write-up, you will get complete details about how you can retrieve old emails from your yahoo account in a few simple tips.

If an email has been missing from your inbox in the last 7-days, you can undelete a message quickly via submitting a restore request to yahoo and get solutions to recover your lost messages. So always keep these things in mind while working on your yahoo mail.

  • The restoration processes which you choose are not always successful.
  • You can restore your deleted emails in a given stipulated period of seven days.
  • If you request a restore process, this cannot be canceled, and only the fresh request is processed.

Steps To Retrieve Yahoo Mails

  • First, you need to start with opening your accounts Trash folder.
  • Now open the desired message.
  • You can also check any further messages you want to undelete from the list from the trash folder.
  • After this, tap on the move option in the Yahoo! Mail toolbar.
  • Now choose the folder in which you want to move the deleted emails.
  • Then drag and drop the email into the desired folder.
  • You can also download all deleted messages received yesterday and today at your Yahoo! Mail and send them to another mailing address automatically or manually.
  • If these steps are not helpful, you can fill out the Yahoo! Mail Restore Help Form by sending a request.
  • Yahoo will revert to you in a stipulated period till that time. So make sure that you continue to forward or download the newly arrived messages on your yahoo account.

If you still cannot retrieve your emails, you can dial a toll-free Yahoo customer support number and get solutions quickly with the help of tech experts.

10 Comments on “How To Retrieve Old Emails From Yahoo Account

    • Hi, my email is gypsuminteriors[at]
      Not been using it for quite some time but opened it to check some of my old mails bit found can I restore all the sent and in mails.
      Thanks in advance

  1. I think for business purposes that deleted messages should be accessible in the trash folder for at least a month or two. A week is too short if something comes up which requires looking at an email sent over a week ago.

  2. Can I retrieved my emails from the month of January, 2018 for BIR compliance purpose…please?

  3. Please retreive all my mails from 1999 as i have to trace something which is important regarding my family.
    I was not using this mail account for a long time.

    Appreciate your understanding and immediate action.

    Thanks and regards.

  4. Nobody reads the written issues, that’s ridiculous!? We’re looking not for mistaken deleted or sent to spam folder emails but THE EMAILS OLDER THAN ONE WEEK IN YAHOO, DID YOU GET THIS????!!!

  5. Please you deleted my mails from 2016, so how do i get them back?
    Please i really really need them as is a matter of life and death Please.

  6. Hi
    I need to retrieve all received emails in the year 2012.
    Thank you indeed.

  7. Hi
    I do not know exactly the year i am looking for, but I just guess that is was in 2012, so would you please retrieve my emails in 2012 ASAP , i have to trace something which is very very important.

  8. I need to retrieve my old emails, documents and photos saved in my yahoo account.

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