Verizon Email Login Issue With Outlook Configuration

login issue with verizon email account

Are you unable to log in to Verizon’s email? Don’t worry as we have the cure for your pain in the neck. As you must know that Verizon email is now a part of Yahoo, therefore, you must check the pop client account settings to rectify the log in issue which you have been facing so far.

How to fix Verizon email account Outlook login issue

    1. First of all, check whether your Verizon email account works fine without the POP client like Outlook or Mac Mail or not. Log on to and compose a new email and send it to yourself. You must receive the email within a minute or two.
    2. You must verify the POP access settings as follows.
      • Incoming Mail Server:
      • Port – 995
      • Require SSL – Yes
      • Outgoing Mail (SMTP)Server:
      • Port – 465 or 587
      • Require SSL – Yes
      • Require TLS – Yes
      • Requires authentication – Yes
  1. You need to make sure that ports aren’t being blocked.
    • You must know that firewalls, antivirus programs, and network protocols can block the ports. If any of Yahoo’s port especially 995, 465 or 587 are blocked; your email client won’t be able to connect properly to Yahoo’s server. You must have a word with your internet service provider for the same and make sure that all ports are opened.
    • If you have created any of the extra email address then you will have to make sure that it’s been verified. Any unverified email will tend to an error code 533 while using any pop client. You must head back to the instruction to verify the email address.
  2. You must ensure a fast and stable internet connection.
  3. You must use the latest version of the internet browser.
  4. Make sure that the operating system you are using is updated to the latest updates.
  5. Disable any virtual private network or proxy setting on your system and try again.
  6. Avoid using program and application which require high bandwidth.
  7. Make sure that JavaScript and Adobe Flash are enabled on the browser.
  8. You must use the app password if in the case you enabled it.

If none of the above works then you can have a word with our certified technicians on our toll-free phone number Verizon email account.

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