Yahoo Email IMAP & POP Setting For Outlook Configuration

Yahoo Email IMAP & POP Setting

In order to send and receive emails from Yahoo Mail with the help of any other software or email client on mobile phone or desktop, one needs to add Yahoo Mail Server setting. These server settings are important as they will allow other email clients to interact with Yahoo mail server.

To receive emails from Yahoo mail, you can either go for IMAP or POP server setting. Although it depends on individual choice, it is recommended to go for IMAP instead of POP as it is considered more secure and keeps a copy of the email in Yahoo Mail. If you are looking to setup Yahoo Mail in Outlook, you can do the same by following these steps:

How To Set Up Yahoo Mail Account In Outlook

    1. Open Outlook and click on the “File” option and then select “Add Account” button.
    2. Now, on the next screen, select “Manual Setup or Additional Server Types” option.
    3. After that, select the “POP or IMAP” option and hit “Next”.
    4. You will see a “POP and IMAP Account Settings” Here you will need to enter all the information related to server and log in manually.
    5. Start by entering your name and your email address in the corresponding box. Then, change your account type to IMAP.
    6. Then enter “imap/” in the text box next to “Incoming mail server” and “” in the text box next to “Outgoing mail server”.
    7. Now, under “Login Information”, you need to enter your complete email address and password.
    8. Make sure that you check the box next to “Require logon using Secure Password Authentication”. After that click the “More Settings” button.
    9. Go to the “Outgoing Server” tab and check the box next to “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”. Now go to the “Advanced” tab.
    10. Under the “Advanced” tab set the value of the “IMAP” port to “993” and “SMTP” port to “465 or 587”. And make sure you select “SSL” for the type of encrypted connection for both “IMAP” and “SMTP”. Click “OK” and you will see that Outlook is performing an email test automatically.
    11. If everything would have been configured precisely, you will notice green checkmarks in the window. If not, review the changes you made.
    12. However, if you want to use POP3 setting instead of IMAP, you can do that by making certain changes in the “POP and IMAP Account Settings
    13. Set “Incoming mail server” to “” and “Outgoing mail server” to “”. And, make sure you change “Account Type” to “POP3”.
    14. And under “More Settings”, set “Incoming Server (POP3)” port to 995 and “Outgoing Server (SMTP)” port to 465 or 587.
    15. Make sure you check the box next to “This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)” and also select SSL as the “type of encrypted connection”.
    16. Also, make sure you check the box next to “My outgoing server requires authentication” under the “Outgoing Server” tab.
    17. Like in IMAP, here also Outlook will perform an email text automatically.

    So, this is how you can resolve the issues of IMAP & POP Setting with Yahoo email. However, if you are looking to set up Yahoo mail with any other email client or device other than the Outlook, contact us and we will guide you in detail for the same.

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  1. I want to change info on incoming and outgoing servers they are incorrect without using OUTLOOK. I already have a yahoo account.

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