How To Recover Gmail Account Password

gmail account recovery

There is not a single organization that is not using email services. Same goes for all internet users, whoever has access to the internet uses emails for various purposes. In the earlier era of the Internet, people used to have just 2 or 3 different accounts on different websites. It was easier to remember passwords.

But these days there are numerous sites for which you must have an account to use their services. A single person has to keep the track of numbers of password and has to remember all those passwords.

Security of accounts has become a huge concern these days so you cannot use the same password for all of your online accounts. It is recommended by all websites as well as by internet security experts to use separate passwords for each of your accounts.

It is also strongly recommended that you change the password of your account from time to time for security reasons. So remembering huge numbers of account passwords can be extremely difficult. But at the same time, you cannot just forget these passwords.

Gmail is one of the leading email services providers across the globe. Gmail was started in April 2004 by the internet giant Google. The company took the email standards to a lot higher level as compared to its competitors. Its amazing features caused a huge number of users to attract toward its services.

The high numbers of users have also caused Gmail to have a high focus on its security for the user accounts. So if you forgot your Gmail account password, you may have some serious trouble in Gmail password recovery.

Official Ways to Recover or Reset Gmail Password:

Gmail understands the problem with remembering passwords so it is featuring few ways to gain control of your account back. You can recover your account if you have provided an alternate email address or phone number.

One of another interesting way to recover your password is through providing one of your earlier passwords. To reset your Gmail account password, you will have to go through the following steps:

  1. Get to the sign-in page and enter your email address
  2. Click on “Forgot Password?” option available below the sign-in button
  3. It will take you to the page where you can enter any of the old passwords that you remember.
  4. After entering the accurate earlier used password, it may ask you the secret question of may confirm your date of birth and will provide you with the option of selecting a new password

If you do not remember any of your previous passwords, you will have you go through the initial 2 steps mentioned above. After that follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Select “try a different question” option on the page where it asks you for the previous password
  • It can ask you different questions here including your alternate email, date of birth, secret question, the month and year when you created the account
  • Once you have provided the accurate answer to the asked question, it may take you to new password page or may email you the password reset link
  • If you received the link in your email, all you will have to do is just get the email and open the link
  • It will take you the page where you will have to enter your password

Limitations of Official Gmail Password Recovery:

Gmail is very curious about the security and protection of its user accounts. That is why it has kept the recovery process very strict. You must have provided an alternate email address or phone number to receive the link to reset your Gmail’s password.

If you have not provided the aforementioned then you have to remember answers to all the questions it may ask you for the recovery. If you are unable to provide the required, you will not be able to recover your account at all.

The help of Third Party Gmail Password Recovery Experts:

If you cannot get your account back even after going through the whole process, you can contact our experienced password recovery experts. We know different other sources that can help us to recover your lost password.

These recovery methods require certain knowledge and expertise which is why these are not shared by Gmail with its users. We have such exploits that can help us to successfully recover your Gmail passwords it includes recovery through web browsers, cookies, temporary files and registry files.

You can contact us anytime you need our assistance for your account recovery. We are available 24×7 through email, live chat and phone number provided for customer care.

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  1. I’m unable to reset my Gmail password for dpnayal9[at] , I’hv followed all three procedures to reset it but no luck. And the email and phone number that r associated with this email is no longer in use. I’hv new email hopeu1994[at] that is associated with this email dpnayal9[at] but this is also not helpful. So plz guide me how can I reset it

  2. I am unable to reset my password in my facebook account under Gmail and Rediffmail. I used one password for both facebook accounts. So help me to reset.

  3. how can I recover my Gmail account josephfelecia12345[at] I forgot my password because I changed it once too because someone else was using it but then I forgot my password and can’t also remember the creation date, but one thing I know is I’ve chatted with my grandfather from Switzerland Zurich with a Gmail address of some like bluewind.fritz[at] or fritz.bluewind[at] or I also actually forgot his Gmail account but I hope you can help me recover it please. I really need to chat my grandfather back and his not really good at technologies but he only knows my one Gmail that he could message because he doesn’t know how to send to my other Gmail account. thank you for the help.

  4. one month ago i deleted permanently my gmail account and now i want to open it for some information but the problem is i cannot get my account back even though i went with all the process.please can you tell me how to recover my gmail account other than this recommended options.

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