How To Auto Forward Mails From MSN Email Account

How to Forward Mails From MSN Email

Forwarding incoming email automatically gives you to enjoy some of your time as you don’t have to access two separate email accounts. Forwarding email automatically to another email account comes in handy especially when you are traveling from your place to another.

If MSN is one of your preferable email clients for your daily email needs; you can forward all the incoming emails to your other email account. Follow the steps below to do the same.

Steps To Auto Forward Mail From MSN Account

  • Log on to your MSN email account.
  • login MSN account
  • Tap on the gear icon called “Settings
  • msn gear setting
  • Choose Options from the drop-down menu.
  • Then go to the mail section.
  • MSN mail option
  • Under the account section click on “Forwarding
  • msn account setting
  • Enter the email where you want all the incoming email to be forwarded.
  • add other email address
  • Don’t forget to leave a copy of the forwarded messages by checking the box.
  • tick leave copy msn option
  • Press the “Save” button.
  • save MSN setting

Caution: Make sure that you have entered the spelling of the email address exactly as it is, as slight changes can be a sticky situation.

Sometimes MSN may act funny during the operation, if you find out that the automatic forwarding isn’t working perfectly fine then you may have to verify the email. The moment you set up automatic forwarding to another email address you will be sent a verification link which you will have to verify by clicking once on it.

MSN works perfectly fine with the latest version of the Internet Explorer. If in the case, you are getting hard to work with other web browsers, switch to the Internet Explorer and proceed further. You may try clearing the cookies, cache and the browsing data. Disable any add-ons and recently added extensions if any. You may have to temporarily stop the virus protection in your antivirus.

Once you change your mind, you can stop the automatic forwarding as well. Follow the same steps mentioned above and uncheck the box which you checked earlier to forward the emails.

If the problem persists or somehow you aren’t able to forward the emails automatically, then contact our MSN Customer Service certified technicians on our toll-free number for the quick support and instant resolution of all your problems related to your MSN account.

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  1. Is it possible to have only the email from a specific address forwarded automatically?

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