How to Fix Server Error 3219 in Hotmail Account

If you are using your Hotmail account for long, you surely have faced server error 3219. It is a very common issue in Hotmail, but apparently not solved yet. Many users all of a sudden can’t send or receive email and the error 3219 appears on the screen. This error indicates that the Windows Live Mail can’t connect to the Hotmail server.

Hotmail server error 3219

According to the technical team, the root of the problem is connected to the two sorts of authentication using the same credentials at the same time. One credential is used to sign-in and the other one is for the mail server. Server error 3219 is a common cause for the users who have configured WLM to connect and sync mail via the secure HTTPS link.

The problem with the WLM overloading and updating is an age-old problem which still not fixed from the server end. For that reason, the users with email app like Windows Live mail are recommended to the respective mail accounts according to IMAP or POP. So in order to get rid of Error 3219, you need to re-configure your mail account. Please find the steps to re-configure your Hotmail account.

Steps to Fix Server Error 3219 in Hotmail Account:

To re-configure your Hotmail account, you need to

  1. You need to tap on the Accounts Tab. Now find click the + symbol along with @ and press.
  2. You have to enter your email address, password, and display in the respective fields.
  3. Now check the box beside Manually Configure Server Settings.
  4. You should select IMAP under the Incoming Server Information.
  5. Insert server address in the field and type 993 in the port field.
  6. Now check Requires a secure connection SSL.
  7. Place Outgoing Server Information
  8. Now insert as the server address along with port type 587.
  9. Again check Requires a secure connection SSL and Requires Authentication.
  10. Finally, click Next.

Now your Hotmail account has been reconfigured. You can access the account from the Windows Live Mail. You can drag and drop any important messages from your previous account. Now you have to remove the old account. For that, select the account and choose the Remove Account option. Hopefully, the re-configuration will fix the server error 3219 effectively and allow you to use your Hotmail account in a hassle freeway.

If you are unable to fix this server error you can dial Hotmail customer care phone number for instant support.

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