How To Fix Hotmail Error 80C805e2

Error Code 80C805E2!

I am a Windows Smartphone users, I have this Lumia 920; I got this error code when I try and sync my Microsoft Account with my device. Can someone help me, what this error is and how can I get rid of it?

This is the problem of almost every Windows mobile phone users who are using it for configuring their Hotmail account with their devices. It is annoying, especially when you are not able to get access to your account on such a wonderful device. We can understand the pain because of the error and this is really annoying when you are waiting to get this set up to happen as earliest.

Well, you don’t need to be worried; we understand the Error Code 80C805E2 and have some really effective solutions for you. You just need to follow the step by step guide and get it fixed. You can get the solution with this quick guide by disabling the message back up option.

Tip – Cancel or Disable Text Messages Back Up

  • From your Windows phone, tap on the Start Button and slide the screen from Right to Left to get the Apps List
  • Then, check for Settings and tap on it
  • From the Applications list, just tap on Messaging and you will be finding the Text message Backup option, it should be Turned Off
  • Here, scroll down and you will also find the Chat Backup option, it should be Turned Off
  • After this go back to Settings, then scroll down to find the Email+accounts option and then tap on it
  • Here, you will find your Mail account which you want to Syn; just tap on it and Hold on till you get the Sync option on your screen, now tap on it

Tip – Reset Email Sync

  • Start from the Home Screen and go to Settings and Email+Accounts
  • Now, you need to tap on your Microsoft Account and hold it to go to the Settings option
  • Here, from the Options, go to the Content to Sync option, Uncheck or Deselect the Email Checkbox and then tap on Done button
  • After that, go back to settings of your Microsoft account and move to the Content to Sync and Reselect the Email checkbox which was deselected earlier and then tap on Done button

If you are looking for further help so you can contact Hotmail customer support service helpline to get instant live assistance on the Hotmail account.

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