Getting File Attachment Issue in Verizon Email Account

 File Attachment Issue in Verizon Email Account

What is the use of file attachment in your email?
How we should attach files with email?
What if you don’t attach files properly with your email account?

Email is a new age communication tool that gives you the ease of life for communication. You can use email for personal or professional communication. Email can be sent with files, documents, images or more as an attachment. This helps you to keep your email conversation more focus and clear.

Your Verizon email service also provides a file attachment feature. This helps Verizon users to attach files, documents, pictures and other files with it; and your message is so clear with your emails. The email communication will give a clear idea to your email receiver whom you shared the mail.

Sometimes Verizon users find it difficult to attach files to their email; this problem occurs when you are following the incorrect method of attaching files.

What is the correct way to attach a file to Verizon’s email?

If you don’t know the correct way to attach a file in your Verizon email account, then follow this correct way.

Steps to attach a file in Verizon email:

  • The first thing is to sign in to your Verizon account and from the New Email screen, click on the Attach button from the top navigation.
  • Then, you will get the Choose File window will open.
  • After that choose a file and click on the Open button.
  • Here, the new attachment is listed in the attachments field and to add another attachment, click on Attach again.
  • That’s all; you got the correct way.

Along with this, you need to understand that there are certain criteria that need to take care of properly. The attachment shouldn’t exceed 8 MB (megabytes) in size. The emails with attachment using third-party email programs like Outlook, Lotus Notes, or Eudora; can contain attachments up to 20 MB. Along with this, you need to make sure that, your attached files shouldn’t be a suspicious file format as .zar, .exe or a similar one. Your file which you want to attach shouldn’t a special character in it, otherwise, it will cancel out while attaching.

This attachment feature is for your ease, but you need to be little careful while using it. If you miss any of the above-mentioned criteria, then it will display some anonymous error. And, you will find it difficult to cope with; so why not make sure that attaching the file, that you haven’t missed anything.

If you are still not able to attach a file in your Verizon email account then you can contact Verizon email customer support and get instant support for the same.

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