File Attachment Is Failed In Yahoo Mail Account

File Attachment Is Failed In Yahoo Mail Account

As Yahoo mail is widely used in many business organizations, sending or receiving files through it is a very common operation. But, due to different reasons, a lot of users find it difficult to send an email with an attachment.  The reasons can be anything from browser issues to Yahoo’s own technical errors causing attachment to fail. Through this post, we will help you troubleshoot the issues easily and quickly.

Steps to Troubleshoot File Attachment Error in Yahoo Mail Account

  1. Disable Shockwave Flash Add-on

Disabling the Shockwave Flash Add-on can help resolve the issue in most of the cases. To disable Flash:

Chrome: Type chrome://plugins address bar and press enter. Now locate the Flash player in the list of Plugins. Simply disable the Flash.

Firefox: Go to the main menu (three horizontal lines) in Firefox and click on it. Locate “Add-ons” in the menu and click on it. On the next page, locate and click on “Plugins”. Find “Shockwave Flash” and disable it.

Internet Explorer: Click the gear icon and select “Manage Add-ons”. Click on the Show box and click “All Add-ons”. Find “Shockwave Flash” under “Microsoft Windows Third Party Application Component”. Disable it.

Now try to attach the file to your Yahoo mail account.

  1. Restrictions on File
    Yahoo mail is known to refuse files that have special characters in its name such as “[email protected]#$%^”. Consider removing such characters if your file’s name contains.
  2. File Size
    Yahoo mail lets a user attach a file with a size no more than 25MB.  Consider revising the size of your attachment if it is more than the specified size.
  3. Antivirus Issue

Sometimes your Anti-virus may also restrict the attachment to get uploaded in an mail. It is suggested that you disable temporarily and then try to attach the file. If still, you are not able to upload the file, turn on your Antivirus and scan your system for any virus or malware as they can also interfere with the attachment process.

The above troubleshooting steps should help you attach files to your Yahoo mail account. For any further information related to any issues for your Yahoo mail account, you can give us a call at our toll-free number or you can email us the problem you are facing. Also, we offer support through live chat.

We are a third party Yahoo mail customer support provider. Our services are available 24/7 and our experts are proficient in their respective job. Be it file attachment issue, hacking of your Yahoo account or any other small or major issues with your Yahoo mail account, our experts are always here to cater you with the best possible solutions.

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3 Comments on “File Attachment Is Failed In Yahoo Mail Account

  1. hi….i am trying to upload attachment under 24mb…..but its not loading, can you help

  2. There is nothing such as chrome://plugins that you can browse to. It could be a very old way, but it might have changed now (Feb 2021). Can you update the article as I can’t upload any attachments in Yahoo Mail using the chrome browser. Thanks!

  3. HI, I am unable to attached any files on yahoo email from last 4 months.
    Every time i am getting error, please fix this error as i am unable to compose any emails

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