How to Fix Facebook Scrolling Problem

fb scrolling issue

“Scrolling through my newsfeed will hang Facebook. I can go down a page or so, and then the only way to continue is to exit out and re-launch the program. This happens every time I scroll”, writes Kathy, a Facebook user. Another user, Michael, wrote, “I can’t get my news feed to scroll down. Facebook is not letting me scroll down in the newsfeed.

When I get to the bottom of ~10 posts and select the “More stories” button nothing happens. Also, when I select an item in notifications it either doesn’t do anything at all, or just freezes. Please correct this Facebook. It does this on every browser I use on my desktop computer.” If you, too, are seeing a problem with Facebook appears in your web browser, maybe there’s a cache or temporary data issue. Read on to know how to fix the Facebook scrolling problem.

Learn Tips to Fix Facebook Scrolling Problem

Facebook is the most popular social media platform that allows users to stay in touch, share pictures and videos, and businessmen can advertise their products or services. Despite its sophisticated features, Facebook is not completely free from errors. One of the issues currently troubling many users is the Facebook scrolling problem.

Here’s a quick guide to fix the Facebook scrolling problem.

  1. Clear Cache and Temporary Data: The scrolling problem in your Facebook account might have arisen due to your web browser’s cache and temporary data. Deleting these caches and cookies will get rid of the issue. Go to the browser’s settings or preferences to clear the temporary data. Use instructions specific to your browser version and the operating system.
  2. Remove Third-Party Extensions: If the above method didn’t bring a solution, check for any third-party extensions or programs in your browser. You must remove or disable the browser add-ons before accessing Facebook. If you want, you can restart the browser. This should fix the glitch.
  3. Try Another Web Browser: The third method lures you to try a different web browser. If your regular browser is giving errors, why not use another one. If you can access your Facebook account without an issue, the problem was with your previous web browser.

A few more solutions to try and fix the Facebook scrolling problem.

  • Slow Internet: Check for your internet connection and ensure it is good. The Facebook scrolling problem may relate to the slow internet connection. Do a speed test to know the speed.
  • Adjust Preferences: If you continue to see old posts and updates even after updating the news feed, you need to adjust your preferences. For that, you need to go to your Facebook account and navigate to the “News Feed Preferences” option. You will have options like “Prioritize who to see first”, “Unfollow people and groups to hide their posts”, “Reconnect with people and groups you unfollowed”, and “Manage your snooze settings”. Click on “Prioritize who to see first” and choose whose posts you don’t want to miss. When you do this, you will see their posts at the top of your News Feed.
  • Reinstall App: If the Facebook scrolling problem persists after clearing caches, you may consider reinstalling the app. Sometimes removing and reinstalling the app may fix the issue.

Contact Facebook Customer Support

If nothing works for you and your Facebook account continues to show errors, you should seek technical support from the industry-trained professionals. Facebook technical support is available round-the-clock.

34 Comments on “How to Fix Facebook Scrolling Problem

  1. I have a problem couldn’t scrolling down friends’ birthday wishes on my timeliness. Please fix it for me, it’s my birthday today.

  2. i wush i could get some live support without having to read a bunch of stuff.i live alone hard of hearing pst legally blind,google seems to be all for the normal people piss on the handicapt

  3. This is bullshit, because it’s only about the frikking Facebook App, and not for a PC. I can’t share anything. It just starts scrolling and won’t open the share button.

    • My wife can not not scroll down on her Facebook she can only see her status and some notifications what can we do so that she starts scrolling down

    • My Facebook has started scrolling on its own. When it stops, I can use the mouse wheel or Page Up/Down a few times (slowly6) and the auto-scrolling starts again.
      It’s not the cache
      It’s not slow Internet
      it’s not a slow PC
      It’s not impatience
      Smooth Scrolling is disabled
      It’s not out-of-date drivers
      It’s no extensions

      It is infuriating.

      • I have the same issue. Constant scrolling … on it’s own.

      • Yep.. and it’s only facebook, so it sure as hell isn’t the browser. It’s what happens when you have idiots constantly changing your webpage layout.

      • Hi Peter, wondering which browser you’re using. I’ve been using Firefox and this started, oh, about a month or so ago and now happens all the time. Very annoying. Just opened Facebook in Edge and it hasn’t happened once – so far.

      • Same here, started this year around May during Meta updates. Nothing fixes it, and i’m not going to change browsers just to appease the behind-the-back handshaking going on between Google and FB. When a problem like this exists for so long, addressed by clients and ignored by service providers, it begins to seem less and less likely that its an accident or an oversight.

  4. My face book keeps stopping,and im not able to scroll. I cleared all my history..etc but it still does it,been having problems all !!!!

  5. My issue is when I’m typing and make a mistake, I hit the backspace key and suddenly my page jumps down a couple inches to where I can’t see what I’m deleting. It’s frustrating.

    • Same… I might stop using Facebook now altogether. It’s incredibly annoying, basically makes it unusable. 🙁

    • I have the same problem. Mine’s an HP laptop and I’m using Chrome. I don’t have the problem when using Edge.

    • I had the exact same problem and the fix seemed to be to reset the page zoom ctrl-0 and then reset the zoom to what ever size you like. Mine hasn’t happened again since I did it.

  6. I have an IMac, I cleared all the history and still same problem with the page scrolling down automatically so fast when I’m reading a post. I used a different browser and still same problem. I emailed Facebook support but no response. I’m totally lost and no YouTube video out there can help this problem? Help?

  7. Typical tells you everything except how to fix it – they have no idea themselves! As useless as a wet fart in a thunderstorm!

  8. ever since the reels and short vidoes were introduced, the FB lags like my dogs hing leg,
    I’m calling it the Zuckerberg Inncodent of meta.

  9. Peter Robinson said it best. I’m getting tired of all the supposed reasons and fixes that don’t really address the issue.

    After scrolling for a while, and the scroll bar button gets close to the bottom of the page, facebook loads more posts, but instead of loading them under the post I may be reading and adjusting the scroll bar’s button to represent it’s new position on the page, it automatically starts scrolling, in a very jumpy way. Impossible to use once it starts doing this.
    It may have something to do with loading images or posts that are already cached, because when it starts happening, I’ve noticed that I have already seen the images flipping by.

    This is a new problem, and I’m sure it’s not the “user’s” fault.
    I’m pretty confident that it’s a facebook coding problem. (They change their code frequently.)

  10. I’m so very frustrated with Facebook. It keeps jumping around and it’s impossible to read anyone’s post. Hate, hate, hate it!!!!!!

  11. I have the same problem . It started yesterday for no reason. You cant read any posts because it starts scrolling by itself. It doesn’t happen on marketplace or on my Samsung mobile. Just on my i pad. Really annoying

  12. Facebook just started jumping for me. It is the only thing that does it

  13. The automatic scrolling problem (without my request/input) is just making me revise whether I want to continue using Meta/FaceBook.

  14. What good does it do to report anything to Facebook? Facebook does not EVER fix anything reported nor do they EVER reply! WHAT GOOD DOES IT DO TO TAKE YOUR TIME TO REPORT A PROBLEM???

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