What Is Facebook Error 994 and How to Fix It?

fb 994 error code

Although Facebook boasts over 2 billion active users, many people stop complaining about various shortcomings. One such issue that Facebook users are dealing with currently is the error code 994. Are you, too, getting Facebook error code 994? Let’s quickly understand what this error 994 is and what measures you should take to fix it.

What Is Facebook Error 994 and What Are the Main Causes?

This particular Facebook error code 994 can be seen when a user tries to sign in to his/ her account. The message reads – “Sorry, an unexpected error occurred. Error code -994”. When the error pops up on the screen, it not only stops you from accessing your Facebook account but also irritates and tests your patience. Some of the symptoms of Facebook error 994 are –

  • Your device freezes or hangs when this error occurs.
  • Error 994 appears and blocks the active program window.
  • Your computer slows down.
  • Not only does it block background processes, but also it stops many programs.
  • Critical messages are expected to pop up on the screen.

So, what are the main causes of the Facebook error code 994?

  • When you install a corrupted version of the Facebook app or downloaded an incomplete Facebook software.
  • The error code pops up when your device is running some malicious programs.
  • It can also occur if you are using a malicious network.
  • When your DNS network is filtered out of Facebook.
  • When you enter incorrect login details.
  • It can trouble you if using an outdated version of the Facebook app.
  • It may sometimes arise when the device has the wrong date set.

Now that you know the causes and symptoms, you should better be careful while accessing your Facebook account. Pay adequate attention and stay away from using any malicious product.

8 Best Methods to Resolve Facebook Error Code 994

If you stumble upon this specific Facebook error code while trying to access your account, we bring you the underneath methods or techniques. Try these effective tips and you will surely do away with the issue. The methods are easy and can be used by anyone. Take a look –

  1. Use Correct Login Credentials: You might run into this Facebook error code 994 if you enter incorrect login details. Be watchful and enter the right username and password.
  2. Update App Regularly: Facebook sends out updates from time to time. If your device doesn’t display any update, you can do it manually. Regular update clears up various tech bugs and minor issues. And the possibility of seeing the error code 994 is pretty high when you have an outdated version of the app. What are you waiting for? Go to the Play Store on your device and look for the update immediately.
  3. Check Your Internet Settings: Make sure your DNS has not been changed and you have valid IP settings. It is best advised that you should use Google DNS in your internet settings.
  4. Set Correct Date and Time on Your Device: Since some of the users claimed to have resolved this issue by setting the correct date and time. You should give it a try and you might succeed in clearing this issue.
  5. Say NO to Wi-Fi and Use Mobile Data: Sometimes, the culprit is your ISP (Wi-Fi). When you encounter the code, switch to your mobile data.
  6. Uninstall or Delete Malicious Program: It is just a human tendency to try out new things, to experiment with new stuff. If you have installed unnecessary software or third-party applications that might pose a threat to your security, delete them at once. Save yourself from these apps or programs by removing them!
  7. Close Conflicting Programs: Did you get a runtime error? It might have happened due to programs conflicting with each other. You can resolve this by opening the “Task Manager” and clicking “Ctrl + Alt + Del” together. You can then see the list of programs running currently. Select the “Processes” tab, try to stop all the programs one by one, and click the “End Process” button. You will be able to identify the program that is causing the issue. You can then learn to reinstall the program.
  8. Reinstall Graphics Driver: If this is a runtime error, it might have happened due to a bad graphics driver. You need to reinstall your graphics driver. Open your “Device Manager”. You can then locate the graphics driver. Right-click the video card driver and click uninstall. Restart your computer then.

If you still need technical assistance, contact Facebook Customer Support immediately!

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