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The fifteen-year-old social networking website, Facebook, is admired for being the top social networking website all over the world. With more than 2 billion users worldwide, it is now regarded not only for being a way to connect with friends, family, and others but also to promote your business, brand, or organization. The prime reasons for the immense success of Facebook are its amazing features and reliable functionality.

And, to make things even more convenient for the users, the social networking giant offers prompt assistance through its Facebook customer support service. While issues and errors are rare to appear in Facebook application, however, if a user requires help regarding any concern or query, the dedicated expert team of Facebook customer service is always there to help such users. To know how to contact Facebook customer support for assistance, go through the information provided below.

How to Reach Facebook Customer Support?

Managing Facebook accounts of billions of users is not an easy task and requires utter dedication and promptness in ensuring 100% customer convenience. To make sure of it, Facebook customer support offers multiple support options to provide quick and reliable assistance to the users. Facebook customer support comprises the following assistance options:


  • Invalid Username or Password Problem: This issue generally occurs when a user enters inaccurate login credentials. However, if you are sure that you are entering the correct credential and still seeing Invalid Username or Password error, this could mean that someone has hacked your account and change the password for it. In such a case you can recover your account by resetting the password of it. For further assistance, you can contact Facebook customer support experts via toll-free customer care phone numbers as they can help you better by providing remote assistance.
  • Unable to Access Facebook Account from other Devices: There can be numerous reasons preventing a user from accessing his or her Facebook account. To fix this issue, it is important to identify the exact reason causing the problem. If unable to do so, you can find instant support from Facebook customer service.
  • Unable to Post on FB: If you are unable to post on your Facebook wall, be it’s a status, image or video, it is recommended to reach the expert team of Facebook customer support for instant assistance.
  • Problem Changing Account or Privacy Settings: If you are unable to change the account or privacy settings of your account, you can get it fixed quickly by referring to the Help Articles at Facebook Help Center or by contacting Facebook customer service.
  • Facebook Page is Not Responding: If the Facebook page is not responding or loading slow, you can restart your computer and try accessing your account on a compatible and updated browser to overcome the issue. However, if still, you are unable to fix the problem, it is best to get in touch with Facebook customer support experts.


At the Facebook Help Center, you can easily seek support for your particular problem using the Search option given on the help center page. To use search assistance option, follow these steps:

  • Enter the keyword related to your problem in the Search field
  • Next, you will need to either select the relevant help topic from the auto-suggestion list that appears on your screen while typing or from the search result that will get displayed after entering the complete issue in the search field.
  • Once you open the relevant help article on your system, follow the instructions provided in it to overcome the problem.


Facebook community is also an ideal option to find assistance for the problem you experience in your Facebook account. Here, you can find an answer to your query from the other Facebook users. Seeking assistance at Facebook Help Community is quite simple. The following are the steps to find assistance at Facebook Community.

  • Go to the Facebook Help Community page on your web browser.
  • To post a query on the Facebook Community page, click on the Ask a Question option located on the top-right corner.
  • Next, you will need to give Select a topic under Choose a Topic drop-down and sub-topic under Choose sub-topics drop-down. Then, add your question in the provided field and click Next.
  • On the next screen, you will be shown some existing questions related to your query. If you find the answer to your problem within these threads, you can fix the problem using them. However, if none of the threads are useful to you, you can click on the “My question is new” button and follow the further instructions.
  • Similarly, you can answer the query posted by other users and help them overcome an issue in their account.
  1. Support Inbox

Support Inbox is a special assistance option from where you can get updates about the things you report in your Facebook account. Also, you can check and reply to messages you receive from Help Team, and check important notifications about your account. So, when you report about any issue or error in your Facebook account, you can find its reply in the Support Inbox section of your account.


Facebook Ads Help Center is a dedicated support option for the users who are or wish to promote their professional, business, brand, or organization through their Facebook account. If you have a business to promote on Facebook, the Ads Help Center of Facebook can help you learn as to how to use Facebook advertising, creating and delivering advertisements on FB, and can provide essential tools to build your business and promote posts.

With so many assistance options to chose from, you can easily find assistance for your problem by using various assistance options available at Facebook customer support.

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  1. Thanks a lot Contact Customer Support for helping me recover my FB account. I thought I would never be able to get back my account, but contacted you guys really raised my hope and I wholeheartedly thank you guys for helping me.

  2. How can can i get my code of my fb account my number of my phone is lost so that i use another number.

  3. I am trying to recover my Facebook account with no success. I need help & no # I’ve called has answered.

  4. Hi im from Philippines using my facebook but suddenly my was disable. After i have my birthday.. Can you please help me..

  5. I have been told that I have 2 Facebook pages that are exactly alike! No wonder some of my friends have not replied. Help please, I’m on a tablet.

  6. I have a Facebook account Name Kings King but I want to reopen my old Facebook account name Moh Raam .i had done lots of method to open that account but I can’t so please help me

  7. hi i need help please could you please email me back on [email protected] becuase i have i cant sign in to my facebook account as i have been hacked however i no my password and email but when i login it asks me for the sms code but i dont have accsess to that phone becuase it has been switched of completely could you please help me out with signing back in thanks

  8. Someone hack my Facebook account change password delete email address my cellphone number need help

  9. Someone hacked my Facebook accounts. Is
    Miller Cuttie Amor Corazon
    Please help me recover it back

  10. can you please tell me how to get back my Facebook account because i cannot reset my password because the email which is provided to Facebook is directly connected with gmail but the problem is recently i have deleted my gmail account permanently.

  11. How can I get the code of my FB account the number of my phone is lost so that I use another number.






  13. Sorry, something went wrong
    Please try closing and re-opening your browser window.

  14. messenger. not scrolling down eneough to where i write my message. Tried the side panel to manually scroll it down to the very end. did not work. help please.

  15. Hi my name is Jennifer Bee on Facebook and o suddenly received a message saying that my account has been disabled and I don’t know why.i have tried researching about the problem could but couldn’t find one,so please can u bring back my account because I haven’t violated anyone on Facebook as my account is new

  16. My FB is very slow doesn’t want to open the comments under some post…need to wait a while til they open or need to wait to scroll them through…never been like this it’s so annoying. Pls help

  17. There seems to be an issue with FB jumping from point to post when scrolling. It just bounces all over the place. Please let me know if there’s a solution. Thank you

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