How To Deactivate Or Delete A Facebook Account

When you are not sure to use your Facebook account anymore; you can actually delete it. This is really needed as some unused accounts might be more vulnerable to hacking and some illegal activities. You have to think about deleting it once you are sure about not going to use it in the near future.

Well, there are two ways that you can get rid of your Facebook account; one is your temporary deletion or we can say deactivation and another is the permanent deletion. The first one will keep your account secure from any search, but not sure about hacking. So, you should proceed to delete it; this will protect your personal information and content to get exposed to any random person.

We have this quick guide for all Facebook users; this will help you to deactivate your Facebook account if you don’t want to use it for a while but interested to resume it in the near future. This is an easy guide to follow; you can learn quickly.

How to deactivate your Facebook account?

  • Sign in to your Facebook account
  • Now, click on the account menu from the top right of Facebook page
  • Here, select Settings option now
  • And then, click on the General option from the left column
  • Now, you need to select Manage your account option
  • After that, scroll down to click on Deactivate your account option
  • This will deactivate your Facebook account for use

Once a user deactivates their own Facebook account, then that profile won’t be visible to other people on Facebook and you will not be there in any search for others. Here, it maybe is possible that some information; such as messages you sent to friends, may be visible to others by any chance; but from their own accounts. When you wish to resume it, you can enable the account by signing in once again.

In case, you wish to delete your Facebook account; we recommend you to take back up your account and its content. This is just to get access to your data, because after deleting your Facebook account completely; you can’t get its access once again unlike deactivating your account. Here, we all know that when a user deactivates the account, it can be easily resumed by signing in once again, using the last used password.

Once, you are confirmed about deleting your Facebook account, and then you have to make a move ahead on Facebook and raise a request to delete your Facebook account. The account deletion link is here; simply follow this link and then go ahead by signing in and raise a request. It will take up to 90 days to permanently delete your posts, contents, photos/videos, and others to completely remove from your Facebook account.

If you are not getting the way to fix your issue so you can contact Facebook customer support service to get instant help on your Facebook issue.

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  1. I am hacked and someone changed my FB password please delete that account for me

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