Setting Up Outlook On iPhone

Guide For Setting Up Outlook On iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, you will be happy to know that you easily configure your Outlook Mail account on your iPhone. Having Outlook configured on your iPhone helps in easy access to your incoming emails and quick reply to them without any requirement to access Outlook on your computer. Not only Outlook Mail, you can also add your other email accounts to iPhone and manage them simultaneously from the phone only. To know how to set up Outlook on iPhone, follow the step-by-step instructions provided below.

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How To Deactivate Or Delete A Facebook Account

When you are not sure to use your Facebook account anymore; you can actually delete it. This is really needed as some unused account might be more vulnerable to hacking and some illegal activities. You have to think about deleting it once you are sure about not going to use in near future.

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How To Fix Hotmail Error 80C805e2

Error Code 80C805E2!

I am a Windows Smartphone users, I have this Lumia 920; I got this error code when I try and sync my Microsoft Account with my device. Can someone help me, what this error is and how can I get rid of it?

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How to Add Approve Senders to Hotmail Account

The annoying unwanted emails and spam emails in your inbox are a real pain; your Hotmail inbox will be filled soon in no time. The spam and junk emails are really annoying, especially when you are more into some important work and looking for a specific email or messages.

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How to Remove Recent Searches on Facebook Account

Whatever you search on your Facebook search; it will be there as search history. This is to keep it easy for you; whenever you want to refer the same search. This is to help you, but what if when someone tries to misuse your search when you kept your Facebook account open.

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How to Recover Temporary Disable Hotmail Account

The increasing number of security hampering online and hacking made email service providers to keep the security feature on the highest priority and ask them to use the better security features.

Recover Temporary Disable Hotmail Account

Even, Hotmail users are not monitoring their account security, but Hotmail is keeping an eye on it. This is really important and in order to keep the safety of user and privacy; Hotmail has a wonderful mechanism to keep the account safe.

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How to Fix Server Error 3219 in Hotmail Account

If you are using your Hotmail account for long, you surely have faced server error 3219. It is a very common issue in Hotmail, but apparently not solved yet. Many users all of a sudden can’t send or receive email and the error 3219 appears on the screen. This error indicates that the Windows Live Mail can’t connect to the Hotmail server.

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What to Do When Yahoo Mail is Down?

Yahoo Mail is a great platform to send, receive, and manage email messages easily and efficiently. A reliable and secure platform, Yahoo Mail has a user base of billion people across the world. Perfect for both professional and personal use, it has everything that a user expects from an email service. However, being a technical product, Yahoo Mail may run into errors one or the other time due to different reasons and may make the service down or inaccessible. If you are also facing “Yahoo Mail down” issue and if you are unable to identify the reason, this guide may come helpful to you.

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Unable to Send or Receive Emails in Hotmail Account

When you find that your Hotmail account is not able to send or receive emails in it, despite decent internet connection; you need to check the other settings too. This is a common issue with a Hotmail user try to configure the account on some third-party email client application.

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How to Configure Verizon Email Account with Outlook 2010

Do you think that using web browser or desktop computer is the only way to get access to your Verizon email account?

Most of the Verizon users have this understanding that they need a web browser to get access of your Verizon email account; actually, there are multiple ways to get into Verizon email account and using Outlook is also one of them. You need to configure Verizon email account with Outlook; see how it works.

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