Yahoo Mail Spam Filters Not Working – How To Fix?

Yahoo spam filter not working

Are you a yahoo mail user and your Spam Filter in Yahoo not working properly? If yes, then no need to get worried as there are ways through which you can easily manage and overcome these spam filters, not working issues. There are a number of users who are confronting problems in their email spam filters, but they are unaware to identify the problem in the first phase.

In order to do this if your yahoo spam filter is not working properly then you can receive emails that are no use to you and gather a lot of junk and spam emails in your inbox which ultimately wastes your time and space.

To resolve this issue you need to read this piece of write-up and get complete info about how to resolve the Yahoo Mail spam filter not working issue in a few simple steps. Spam email filters not working properly in Yahoo Mail have become a central issue for most Yahoo users.

How to Fix Yahoo Mail Spam filters Issues

In case your yahoo filter isn’t working properly or is not filtered in the right folder then it’s good to check your mail settings and filter guidelines linked to your account.

Empty filters

  • In case you create a new empty filter that doesn’t enclose any rules.
  • You need to check all messages sent by an email address with a blank character to the Yahoo Inbox.
  • In this case, when you open your yahoo mail you will see that an empty filter is at the top of the filter list.
  • Along with this, all other filter rules are diminished and all your emails are instead sent to the Inbox.

Multiple criteria

  • Check your filter criteria and all the rules which help in determining which mail to filter.
  • In case you want to filter all messages then you can create different folders for every criterion.
  • Keep in mind that not use off-putting rules for the filters avoid using terms like “does not contain. You should opt for rules like with positive criteria like “Starts with.”
  • Along with this if you are using POP then you can only download email from the Inbox folder.

In case you are still not able to know the exact reason behind this issue then you can simply get connected with a tech expert by dialing a toll-free customer support number for yahoo and get issues resolved successfully.

How To Retrieve Old Emails From Yahoo Account

If you are a yahoo user and looking for ways to retrieve your old emails from your yahoo account, then there is good news for you as you can recover all your emails back into your account if you act quickly. Sometimes accidentally, your yahoo mail emails get deleted by you, and later when you open your inbox, you realize the important emails are missing from the account as that time, you need quick steps through which you can quickly fix this issue instantly.

It’s good enough that if you can have your Yahoo! Mail account restored to a previous state. However, in case you take steps speedily, there is a possibility that Yahoo users can restore their emails to their mailbox, and their inbox looks the same as in a previous state using a backup copy. Here in this piece of write-up, you will get complete details about how you can retrieve old emails from your yahoo account in a few simple tips.

If an email has been missing from your inbox in the last 7-days, you can undelete a message quickly via submitting a restore request to yahoo and get solutions to recover your lost messages. So always keep these things in mind while working on your yahoo mail.

  • The restoration processes which you choose are not always successful.
  • You can restore your deleted emails in a given stipulated period of seven days.
  • If you request a restore process, this cannot be canceled, and only the fresh request is processed.

Steps To Retrieve Yahoo Mails

  • First, you need to start with opening your accounts Trash folder.
  • Now open the desired message.
  • You can also check any further messages you want to undelete from the list from the trash folder.
  • After this, tap on the move option in the Yahoo! Mail toolbar.
  • Now choose the folder in which you want to move the deleted emails.
  • Then drag and drop the email into the desired folder.
  • You can also download all deleted messages received yesterday and today at your Yahoo! Mail and send them to another mailing address automatically or manually.
  • If these steps are not helpful, you can fill out the Yahoo! Mail Restore Help Form by sending a request.
  • Yahoo will revert to you in a stipulated period till that time. So make sure that you continue to forward or download the newly arrived messages on your yahoo account.

If you still cannot retrieve your emails, you can dial a toll-free Yahoo customer support number and get solutions quickly with the help of tech experts.

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Emails From Yahoo

If you are a yahoo mail user and you are worried as your important emails are deleted by chance, then there is no need to get panic at all as you can simply recover lost or deleted permanently emails from Yahoo in just a few steps. In this post, you will get the entire steps on how to recover permanently deleted emails from Yahoo in a competent manner.

While recovery of lost deleted Yahoo mails keep in mind these below-mentioned steps:

  • First of all, only opt for the restoration process if the mails which are deleted are important as these processes are not successful sometimes.
  • You can only recover deleted emails that are deleted within the last 7 days.
  • You need to send or submit a request.
  • The request you send to Yahoo will not be canceled.
  • The emails which you get back after the restoration process will be routinely merged with the other restored email messages on your Yahoo mail account inbox.

Below mentioned are the steps through which you can easily recover permanently deleted emails from Yahoo:

  1. First of all, you need to launch a Web browser and then navigate to your Yahoo Mail.
  2. Now in the Yahoo account enter your Yahoo ID and password.
  3. You also have to choose the rollback time of your account It must be about one hour before you deleted the emails permanently from your account.
  4. After this open a new browser and go to Yahoo Mail/Messenger Restore Help Form
  5. Type your name and ensure the correct entries are in the drop-down menus.
  6. Choose a description from the ENTIRE drop-down menu.
  7. You need to select the time for the restore time. Tap on the “Submit” option on the page.
  8.  Keep monitoring till the complete back up of all incoming messages.
  9. Finally, Yahoo will send an email on your given alternate account. The process usually takes 6-8 hours.

With the help of these above-mentioned steps, you can recover your complete email list easily. The steps will restore your deleted emails from Yahoo in an efficient manner.

If you are not able to recover your emails, then you can simply contact third-party tech support providing company experts via dialing a toll-free Yahoo support number and get certified help from professionals to troubleshoot the issue in a couple of minutes. The solutions offered by these tech experts give you solutions according to your requirements.

How To Add A Folder In Yahoo Mail On iPhone

Add A Folder In Yahoo Mail On iPhone

Whenever you attach to your business email account from your Apple iPhone, your iPhone device will robotically load all the folders, subfolders, and archive folders that are associated with your mailbox in your mail app. Through this managing and working on your mail account is somehow easy and convenient.

As you can move messages amid folders on your iPhone. In case you want to add a folder in your yahoo mail on iPhone then you can create a new mailbox folder on your Android device in a few simple steps. The iOS device operating system within itself supports the making of a new mailbox folder in the iPhone’s email app.

In order to add a folder to your Yahoo mail on iPhone you can apply the following steps which are mentioned below:

8 Steps To Add Folder In Yahoo Mail on iPhone

  1. First of all, you need to click on the “Mail” icon on your iPhone’s home screen.
  2. Now you need to move your cursor downwards to the “Accounts” screen and then click on the desired email account.
  3. Here you can create a new folder.
  4. Click on the “Edit” button in the upper-right corner.
  5. After this, you need to click on the “New Mailbox” button which is just beneath in the lower-right corner.
  6. You can use the on-screen keyboard to type a name for the new email folder.
  7. Click on “Mailbox Location” and then select where you want to keep up the new folder.
  8. Finally, click on the Save option and then proceed to do to finish adding the new email folder.

10 Steps To create subfolders in Yahoo apply these steps:

  1. First of all, you need to tap and hold on the folder to which you want to add a sub-folder.
  2. Now a folder management menu appears on your screen.
  3. Tap on create a subfolder.
  4. Now in the “Create Folder” which you opened a new window appears.
  5. Type a name to the folder and then tap to save.
  6. Even you can rename your folders via clicking on the folder you want to rename.
  7. Again a folder management menu appears.
  8. Simply click on the Rename option> “Rename Folder” window appears.
  9. Here type a new folder name and tap to save.
  10. In case you want to delete any folders then simply click and hold the folder and tap on the delete option from the folder management menu and Click to OK.

If you are still facing any sort of difficulty in creating a new folder on your yahoo mail app on your iPhone device then you can simply dial a toll-free customer care support number and get solutions that fix your problems easily from tech experts.

How To Stop Unwanted Emails in Yahoo Account

Stop Getting Unwanted Emails Yahoo

Want to stop getting unwanted emails in your Yahoo account? If yes then there is no need to get worried at all as you can now easily filter and suspect the spam and unwanted emails in your yahoo account.

 Furthermore, Yahoo Mail automatically checks for suspected spam messages and transfers them to your “Spam” folder. But unwanted email messages still make their way to make a place in your inbox. Here you will get complete information about how to stop getting unwanted emails in your yahoo account

Different Ways to check Emails suspicious activity

You can mark the email as spam or simply can report it as a phishing scam.

You can block the address.

Add the address in spam address so that you will not get the mail again in your inbox

How to Block an Email Address In Yahoo

  • First of all, move your mouse over the Settings option near the small gear icon.
  • Now choose settings.
  • Tap on Blocked Addresses and then type an email address in the “Add an address” field.
  • Lastly, tap on the Block option.

How to Filter Spam Emails

As you know spam emails are irrelevant and malicious. Spam filters work out at their best to keep spam emails out of your Inbox, but sometimes if you get emails in your mail inbox then you can filter them out.

  • First, click on any email that you think is spam and open it or select multiple emails.
  • Now press and hold an email.
  • A checkbox appears. On this tap on more icons option.
  • Click on the mark as spam Image of the Spam icon.
  • Now the emails are filtered and saved as spam emails.

In addition to this, you should keep in mind when you enter your email address on someone’s website, you automatically subscribe to their mailing lists and ads. To unsubscribe from these emails you can simply tap on the link which they have provided you within the email.

  • For this click email to open it.
  • Now scroll down to the bottom.
  • Click on the unsubscribe link and follow instructions.
  • Follow the instructions to stop receiving these spam emails.

Things to keep in mind:

  • It’s suggested to never revert back to unsolicited email.
  • Avoid entering your email addresses in public websites and online directories.
  • Don’t reply to any emails which promise you to remove your name from spam lists.

In case you are confronting any sort of difficulty in using these steps which helps you to stop getting unwanted emails from yahoo, then you can dial toll-free customer support helpline number for Yahoo and get instant help for the same.

Did You Forgot Yahoo Mail Password & Security Question?

Forgot Password And Security Question in Yahoo Mail

You can easily regain access to your Yahoo account with the help of a few Security questions. But in case you forgot your security questions which can help you to recover your Yahoo password, then it is the point of concern. There is no need to get worried as you forgot your Yahoo password as there are certainly some ways through which you can easily regain access to your yahoo account.

In case you forgot your Yahoo password and security question, you may get worried as you have lost the simplest way of recovering your Yahoo password.

Recover Yahoo Password Even If Forgot Security Question

In case you forgot Yahoo password and security question answers then there are only two options left to recover your account: First is the use of an alternate email address for your Yahoo email and the second one is your connected mobile number.

However, again if you haven’t added an alternate mobile number or email address to your account then you can still have access to your account with the help of a Password Recovery option, which will help you to recover all the username and passwords saved in your IE, Chrome, and Firefox browser.

  1. To resolve this issue you can use Alternate Email Address/Mobile Number linked with your account to Recover It if You Forgot Security Question linked with the yahoo account.
  2. In case you have associated a secondary email address or a mobile phone number with your account, then you can recover your password.
  3. Simply tap on “I can’t access my account” on the login page.
  4. Now choose “I have a problem with my password” and tap to proceed further.
  5. After this go to “How do you want to reset your password?” option and choose the option whichever you want to use for recovery of your Yahoo password.

Get the code on the selected choice and get redirected to the Yahoo page to enter a new password for your account.

Third-Party Yahoo Mail Password Recovery Tools

In addition to this if you forgot Yahoo password and security questions related to your account and you don’t have alternate options of email or number then the only option is the Password Recovery tool. This tool can also help you in regaining access to your lost Facebook and Gmail password saved in your browser.

How To Use SmartKey

  • First downloadSmartKey All-in-one Password Recovery Bundle”.
  • Now run this tool and then select “Recover Email and Internet Browser passwords“.
  • Select “Internet Password Recovery“, and then tap on “Start Recovery” and then opt for “Recover Firefox Password” from the down-drop list.
  • Select the recover Yahoo password and your account password will be recovered.

In case you need any type of help regarding yahoo account-related issues then you can dial a toll-free Yahoo helpline customer support number and get solutions that suit your requirements competently.

Why Images Are Blocked In Yahoo Mail Account?

If you are a yahoo account user and facing difficulties in your emails as your email won’t display images for a variety of reasons. This blocked images issue may result in various issues, so it’s better to check your account settings and resolve the issues which are blocking images to display on your yahoo account.

In case your images aren’t loading in your Yahoo mail, then you need to follow the below-mentioned steps to get back things in view.

  • First of all, reload the page which you are visiting after each step.
  • Now try to troubleshoot image loading problems.
  • You can also use a private browsing mode to view images.
  • Load the page you’re having a problem within a private browsing session to check if the issue is caused by the browser’s stored files.

After these steps, you can check your yahoo settings, as sometimes unintentionally you have changed your yahoo settings to block the images to display on your mail. In that case, read out the steps to block and unblock your yahoo images in your yahoo account:

For Unblocking Of Images Follow The Steps:

  • First, go to the Yahoo Mail website and tap on the “Mail” tab.
  • Now tap on the “Gear” button and opt for “Settings” on the drop-down menu.
Yahoo Account Setting
  • After this, let email to load the settings.
  • Choose “Security” to load the security settings screen.
Show images in yahoo email
  • Finally, tap on the “Show Images in Emails” and opt for “Always, except in Spam folder” to unblock images in Yahoo. Hit on the “Save” option to save your changes.

How To Block Images In Yahoo?

  • First of all, go to your Yahoo Mail, now hover your cursor over the Settings menu icon and choose the Settings.
  • Now tap on Security.
  • After this from the option of “Show images in emails” drop-down menu, choose: Never by Default.
  • By these settings, you will block all images in your yahoo account.
  • The images will only be displayed in the Spam folder.
  • Finally, tap to Save.

For getting more tips and tricks about how to block and unblock images in your yahoo mail you can get connected to third-party technical support providing company and get customized solutions accordingly. You can also dial a toll-free yahoo support number and get solutions instantly.

How To Stop Yahoo From Sending Spam Emails?

Stop Yahoo From Sending Spam Emails

If you receiving spam emails in your yahoo mail then this is a common problem that users are facing. But in case you are getting reports of spam emails coming from your account then this is totally a different case. You need to check your settings and also secure your account in order to prevent this from further. It is scary as if your account is hacked to send spam emails then you need to fix it instantly.

Stop your account from sending spam emails

  • In case your account is sending spam emails then it may happen that your account is hacked.
  • You can also change your password without delay.
  • The quickest and simplest way to stop spam emails is to protect your account by creating a new password with alphanumeric words.
  • Now check your account settings.
  • Sometimes a hacker may also change your account details and settings which allow the hacker to access your accounts even after changing the password.
  • You should double-check your account settings to stays secure.
  • Check your alternate or secondary email address settings.
  • You should also visit your Account Information page.
  • Now go to the “Contact Information,” option and tap on how Yahoo contacts you.
  • In case you don’t recognize the email address then you can simply change the alternate email address.
  • Try to access your Yahoo Mail account from a different device.
  • Delete the mail contacts that you don’t identify.
  • Last, but not least checks forged messages. These emails appear to be sent from your email but are originally sent from a totally different email account. In case your Yahoo Mail is totally secure but contacts are still getting spam emails that look like that you are sending them, then there is a possibility that they are forged, or “spoofed,” emails.

In case after checking all these steps, your Yahoo account is still sending spam emails then at that time you need to dial a toll-free Yahoo customer support number and get quality help from the technicians to fix this issue instantly.

How To Manage Emails In Ms Outlook?

Sometimes users are getting frustrated due to overloaded emails in their inboxes. As you know that a full inbox creates a lot of distraction and also diverts your attention from your work. So it’s important to manage your emails what is important as if you don’t manage it you will suffer.

Microsoft Outlook has launched a bunch of rules which help a user in managing their inbox in an efficient manner. There are two main categories by which a user can manage their emails. These are various organizational rules and notifications. In this piece of write-up, you will get complete information about how to manage your emails in MS Outlook.

  • You can apply various rules which focus on filing and organizing messages. You can manage the emails on the basis of senders, and folders in your Outlook account. By this, you can put emails into appropriate folders or categories.
  • By applying these rules you will get notifications based on your incoming messages.

There are various rules for managing your MS Outlook account:

  • Now, you can simply create a rule for particular user messages. The messages from a particular sender will move to that specific folder.
  • You can create folders for your business work and personal work respectively.
  • These rules help you in staying up to date. By this, you will get notifications every time when you receive a particular message. For this, you can create a rule and you will get a message on your mobile device when you receive a message.

In case after applying the above-mentioned steps you are still not able to manage your MS Outlook emails, then you need to get connected with a reliable tech service providing company that proffers you solutions according to your needs. For this, you can simply dial a toll-free Outlook support helpline phone number and get solutions from expert technicians.

Comcast Email Not Working on Android [Fixed]

If you have recently bought any service from Comcast (like Cable Television, Broadband, Internet, etc.), you are most likely to be provided with a Comcast email account. You can use this Comcast email like your other email accounts for sending and receiving emails. Another best thing about Comcast email is that apart from the web portal, you can also access it using email applications like iOS Mail and Android. Generally, Comcast Email functions without any problem on these email applications, however, some users have reported issues with their Comcast email on Android. If your Comcast email is not working on Android, you can follow the different solutions suggested below.

Ways to Fix “Comcast Email Not Working on Android” Issues

  1. Check Your WiFi Internet Connection

The first thing you will need to ensure is that your internet connection is working properly for your Android device. You can check that by opening a random website on your Android web browser. If you can access the website, then move to the next workaround. On the other hand, if the website doesn’t open, fix the internet issues on your Android device. Also, make sure that you have not enabled Airplane mode on your Android device.

  1. Try Accessing Comcast Email on Desktop Browser

As sometimes the problem can also be at Comcast’s end, make sure that the status of Comcast is up and running. For this, you can consider signing into your Comcast email account on a computer web browser. If Comcast email is functioning properly on your PC browser, you can skip to the next solution. However, if the problem persists on your PC web browser as well, contact Comcast to check the status or wait for the issue to get fixed automatically.

  1. Keep Your Android Device Updated

If you have not updated your Android device for a long time, you might be having pending updates available for your Android device. Using such an outdated Android device not only affects the functionalities of installed applications but also affects its security. Therefore, make sure to always keep your Android device running with the latest updates.

  • From the applications’ menu and tap on the Settings app icon.
  • In the settings section of your Android device, select the About phone
  • Next, select your OS from the next screen and press the Check for updates
  • Then, if any update is available for your Android device, install them and restart it. You can then check if Comcast email is working properly on your Android device.
  1. Check Comcast Email Server Settings

You can also face issues with Comcast email on your Android device if you configured your email account with incorrect server settings. To check if you have configured your Comcast Email server settings, refer to the following email server settings:

  • Incoming Mail Server Name:
  • Incoming Mail Server Port Number: 993 with SSL ON
  • NOTE: If your Mail Client allows you to select an authentication method, select STARTTLS.
  • If Required: 143 with SSL ON
  • Outgoing Mail Server Name:
  • Outgoing Mail Server Port Number: 587 (SMTP)
  • If Required: 465 (SMTPS)
  • Encryption: TLS (use SSL if TLS isn’t shown.)
  • Authentication: Enter your email address
  1. Remove and Re-Configure Comcast Email on Android

If even after following the above-mentioned you are unable to fix issues with your Comcast email account on Android, you can remove your Comcast email account from the Android device and then configure it again using the email server settings and instructions suggested above.

Steps to Configure the Android Email App for Comcast Email

NOTE: The following configuration instructions for setting up a Comcast email account on an Android device may not be suitable for modern versions of the operating system.

  • Select the Email app on your Android phone.
  • Next, tap on the Other option to configure your email account.
  • Then, enter your email address and password in the provided field on the Account setup screen and select the Sign in
  • After that, enter your Comcast account password and press the Sign In
  • You will then be prompted to verify your sign-in. Here, tap on the More options to know other ways of verification.
  • Then, select the Receive a code by text message option and enter the code in the provided field.
  • You will then be logged into your Comcast account. You can start using the email account once the emails load into your account.

In most cases, considering these workarounds should help you easily fix issues with your Comcast email account on your Android device. In case the problem persists, you can always reach Comcast support for further assistance.