How To Deactivate Or Delete A Facebook Account

When you are not sure to use your Facebook account anymore; you can actually delete it. This is really needed as some unused account might be more vulnerable to hacking and some illegal activities. You have to think about deleting it once you are sure about not going to use in near future.

Well, there are two ways that you can get rid of your Facebook account; one is your temporary deletion or we can say deactivation and another is the permanent deletion. The first one will keep your account secure from any search, but not sure about hacking. So, you should proceed to delete it; this will protect your personal information and content to get exposed to any random person.

We have this quick guide for all Facebook users; this will help you to deactivate your Facebook account if you don’t want to use it for a while but interested to resume it in near future. This is an easy guide to follow; you can learn quickly.

How to deactivate your Facebook account?

  • Sign in to your Facebook account
  • Now, click on the account menu from the top right of Facebook page
  • Here, select Settings option now
  • And then, click on the General option from the left column
  • Now, you need to select Manage your account option
  • After that, scroll down to click on Deactivate your account option
  • This will deactivate your Facebook account for use
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Once a user deactivates own Facebook account, then that profile won’t be visible to other people on Facebook and you will not be there in any search for others. Here, it maybe be possible that some information; such as messages you sent to friends, may be visible to others by any chance; but from their own accounts. When, you wish to resume it, you can enable the account by signing in once again.

In case, you wish to delete your Facebook account; we recommend you to take back up of your account and its content. This is must to get access to your data, because after deleting your Facebook account completely; you can’t get its access once again unlike deactivating your account. Here, we all know that when a user deactivates the account, it can be easily resumed by signing in once again, using the last used password.

Once, you are confirmed about deleting your Facebook account, and then you have to make a move ahead on Facebook and raise a request to delete your Facebook account. The account deletion link is here; simply follow this link and then go ahead by signing in and raise a request. It will take up to 90 days to permanently delete your posts, contents, photos/videos and others to completely remove from your Facebook account.

If you are not getting the way to fix your issue so you can contact Facebook customer support service to get instant help on your Facebook issue.

How To Fix Hotmail Error 80C805e2

Error Code 80C805E2!

I am a Windows Smartphone users, I have this Lumia 920; I got this error code when I try and sync my Microsoft Account with my device. Can someone help me, what this error is and how can I get rid of it?

This is the problem of almost every Windows mobile phone users who are using it for configuring their Hotmail account with their devices. It is annoying, especially when you are not able to get access of your account on such a wonderful device. We can understand the pain because of the error and this is really annoying when you are waiting to get this set up happen as earliest.

Well, you don’t need to be worried; we understand the Error Code 80C805E2 and have some really effective solutions for you. You just need to follow the step by step guide and get it fixed. You can get the solution with this quick guide by disabling the message back up option.

Tip – Cancel or Disable Text Messages Back Up

  • From your Windows phone, tap on the Start Button and slide the screen from Right to Left to get the Apps List
  • Then, check for Settings and tap on it
  • From the Applications list, just tap on Messaging and you will be finding the Text message Backup option, it should be Turned Off
  • Here, scroll down and you will also find the Chat Backup option, it should be Turned Off
  • After this go back to Settings, then scroll down to find the Email+accounts option and then tap on it
  • Here, you will find your Mail account which you want to Syn; just tap on it and Hold on till you get the Sync option on your screen, now tap on it
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Tip – Reset Email Sync

  • Start from the Home Screen and go to Settings and Email+Accounts
  • Now, you need to tap on your Microsoft Account and hold it to go to the Settings option
  • Here, from the Options, go to the Content to Sync option, Uncheck or Deselect the Email Checkbox and then tap on Done button
  • After that, go back to settings of your Microsoft account and move to the Content to Sync and Reselect the Email checkbox which was deselected earlier and then tap on Done button

If you are looking for further help so you can contact Hotmail customer support service helpline to get instant live assistance on Hotmail account.

How to Add Approve Senders to Hotmail Account

The annoying unwanted emails and spam emails in your inbox are a real pain; your Hotmail inbox will be filled soon in no time. The spam and junk emails are really annoying, especially when you are more into some important work and looking for a specific email or messages.

You can use the Junk Email filter protection and set it for High Protection level; this is the best ever tool available for keeping the spam and junk mails away from your inbox. You just need to enable it and set the protection level.

Still, you are getting some wanted emails; what to do now, you already have the Junk Email filter protection enabled on your account. Well, here is one more layer of security with Junk Email filter; you can create a safe senders list for your inbox. This is the list of email addresses and domains which you wish to let you send emails. This is easy to do with help of this quick guide.

Hotmail Support Number +1-888-297-6323

How to add sender in to the safe senders list

  • Start with signing in to your Outlook Web App using your email address and correct password
  • Now, from the top of the page, you need to select Settings > Mail
  • Here, from the under Options section, choose any of these Block or allow option
  • In order to add an entry/sender/email address to Safe senders and recipients list, your need to enter the email address or domain that you want to mark as safe or Approved in the Enter a sender or domain here text box, and then press Enter or select the Add icon next to the text box
  • Additionally, you can also choose the Trust email from my contacts check box to simply consider email from any address in your contacts folders as safe automatically
  • Finally, choose Save to save your changes in the safe senders list

You have successfully created and enabled the safe senders list. This is really helpful to get rid of the unwanted emails in your inbox. Now, you won’t any more such junk mails in your inbox. Simply, sign out and sign in once again to use your account. Here, we would like to recommend one more thing, which will help you to keep the junk and wanted emails away from your inbox, don’t subscribe to any such marketing or promotional service provider.

If you need any other technical assistance for your Hotmail account, then you can dial Hotmail customer support service phone number for the help.

How to Remove Recent Searches on Facebook Account

Whatever you search on your Facebook search; it will be there as search history. This is to keep it easy for you; whenever you want to refer the same search. This is to help you, but what if when someone tries to misuse your search when you kept your Facebook account open.

In fact, keep searching the same thing on your Facebook account will create a temp for search and it will keep occurring whenever you will try to do any more search. Here we have a solution for you to remove the recent searches from your Facebook account. You can clear it using any of these methods. If you are using a desktop computer, you can use the first method as given here.

Steps to remove recent searches on Facebook Account using a desktop

  • First, sign in to your Facebook account
  • Then, open your activity log
  • Here, click on More and then select Search from the left column option
  • Now, you need to click on next to the search entry you want to remove or the recent search
  • Finally, click on Delete button
Facebook Support Number +1-888-297-6323

If you are using your Smartphone and Facebook app to access your account, then you should follow these steps.

Steps to remove recent searches on Facebook Account using an Android device

  • Start from your Android phone
  • Now, tap on the Menu button to go to Menu screen
  • Here, you need to locate and tap on the Facebook app in order to open it
  • After you are logged in, from the News Feed interface, tap the search icon present at top of the interface
  • Now, from the opened RECENTLY SEARCHED window, you need to tap the EDIT icon from the top-right corner
  • Here, on the Activity Log window that opens up next, simply locate and tap on the Clear Searches option
  • Again, on the Clear Searches window, tap on the Confirm button to clear the recent search history of your Facebook account
  • You have successfully deleted the search history

If you are facing issues while Removing Recent Searches on Facebook Account, then you can follow the above steps to fix this issue or you can contact Facebook customer service phone number for the instant support.

How to Recover Temporary Disable Hotmail Account

The increasing number of security hampering online and hacking made email service providers to keep the security feature on the highest priority and ask them to use the better security features.

Recover Temporary Disable Hotmail Account

Even, Hotmail users are not monitoring their account security, but Hotmail is keeping an eye on it. This is really important and in order to keep the safety of user and privacy; Hotmail has a wonderful mechanism to keep the account safe.

When someone tries to sign in to your account without your permission but gets failed; then after a several numbers of failed attempts, it will get disabled temporarily. In order to keep the account and it’s content safe; the account will be disabled and you have to recover it for further use.

How to Recover Temporary Disable Hotmail Account?

Hotmail users, who are facing the temporarily disabled prompt while using their account, they can learn with step by step guide. We have this guide exclusively for Hotmail users.

Hotmail Support Number +1-888-297-6323

Step to Recover Temporarily Disabled Hotmail Account 

  • The first step in order to get access of your disabled Hotmail account, go to the link and sign in to your account
  • When you are done with signing in, you need to enter a phone number to request a security code be sent to you as a text message. It can be any phone that is actively working and can receive text messages for you
  • The moment, text with security code reaches up to you, you need to enter the security code into the web page and hit enter
  • Here, you have to change your password to complete this unblocking process
  • That’s all; you successfully regained access to your Yahoo Mail account again

Once you are done with the recovery of your account, then you can move to increase the security. We recommend you to use the Two-Step Verification method, so your account will be more secure and hackers will avoid getting in.

You can follow the above steps to recover temporary disable Hotmail account, or if you find any other technical issue in your account then you can contact Hotmail customer support service for the help.

How to Fix Server Error 3219 in Hotmail Account

If you are using your Hotmail account for long, you surely have faced server error 3219. It is a very common issue in Hotmail, but apparently not solved yet. Many users all of a sudden can’t send or receive email and the error 3219 appears on the screen. This error indicates that the Windows Live Mail can’t connect to the Hotmail server.

Hotmail server error 3219

According to the technical team, the root of the problem is connected to the two sorts of authentication using the same credentials at the same time. One credential is used to sign-in and the other one is for the mail server. Server error 3219 is a common case for the users who have configured WLM to connect and sync mail via the secure HTTPS link. The problem with the WLM overloading and updating is an age-old problem which still not fixed from the server end. For that reason, the users with email app like Windows Live mail are recommended to the respective mail accounts according to IMAP or POP. So in order to get rid of Error 3219, you need to re-configure your mail account. Please find the steps to re-configure your Hotmail account.

Hotmail Support Number +1-888-297-6323

Steps to Fix Server Error 3219 in Hotmail Account:

To re-configure your Hotmail account, you need to

  1. You need to tap on the Accounts Tab. Now find click the + symbol along with @ and press.
  2. You have to enter your email address, password and display in the respective fields.
  3. Now check the box beside Manually Configure Server Settings.
  4. You should select IMAP under the Incoming Server Information.
  5. Insert server address in the field and type 993 in the port field.
  6. Now check Requires a secure connection SSL.
  7. Place Outgoing Server Information
  8. Now insert as the server address along with port type 587.
  9. Again check Requires a secure connection SSL and Requires Authentication.
  10. Finally click Next.

Now your Hotmail account has been reconfigured. You can access the account from the Windows Live Mail. You can drag and drop any important messages from your previous account. Now you have to remove the old account. For that, select the account and choose Remove Account option. Hopefully, the re-configuration will fix the server error 3219 effectively and allow you to use your Hotmail account in a hassle free way.

If you are unable to fix this server error you can dial Hotmail customer care phone number for the instant support.

What to Do When Yahoo Mail is Down?

Yahoo Mail is a great platform to send, receive, and manage email messages easily and efficiently. A reliable and secure platform, Yahoo Mail has a user base of billion people across the world. Perfect for both professional and personal use, it has everything that a user expects from an email service. However, being a technical product, Yahoo Mail may run into errors one or the other time due to different reasons and may make the service down or inaccessible. If you are also facing “Yahoo Mail down” issue and if you are unable to identify the reason, this guide may come helpful to you.

yahoo mail is down

A majority of Yahoo Mail users has been seen reporting problem-related to log in, followed by sending and receiving email issue, temporary error, missing emails/contacts. While most of the times the problem is said to be on the service provider’s side, these problems could also surface due to the users’ activities in their account or device.

Generally, if the problem is on the Yahoo’s side, it gets resolved automatically within a few hours. However, if it doesn’t, you may need to check in case the problem is caused because of some changes made by you recently in your account. If the problem seems to be beyond your understanding, you can contact the official Yahoo customer support team for assistance. Yahoo Mail offers multiple ways to the users for assistance which include online article, guides, community, forum etc. You can go through the relevant article for your problem and follow the instructional help provided in it.

Yahoo Support Number +1-888-297-6323

While some may find the official Yahoo Mail assistance adequate, for those who find difficult to follow the officially available support options, they may seek help from a reliable and instant third-party Yahoo customer service provider like us.

We are an independent third-party Yahoo customer support center offering comprehensive solutions to each and every issue experienced by Yahoo Mail users. We have a dedicated team of certified professionals who have immense experience and expertise in Yahoo Mail platform. Our expertise lies in resolving all sorts of Yahoo Mail-related issues. Some of them are:

  • Fixing login issue such as blocked accounts, hacked accounts, suspended account etc.
  • Instant solution for sending or receiving email problems.
  • Fixing Temporary error codes
  • Permanent solution for file attachment issue.
  • Finding missing emails and contacts.
  • IMAP/POP configuration rectification.

Having our assistance for your Yahoo Mail problems, you can always expect reliable and instant solutions. For your convenience, we provide 24 by 7 customer support via multiple channels such as yahoo customer service helpline number (toll-free), email, live chat support etc.

So, next time find you Yahoo Mail is down, you know where to seek assistance from.

Unable to Send or Receive Emails in Hotmail Account

When you find that your Hotmail account is not able to send or receive emails in it, despite decent internet connection; you need to check the other settings too. This is a common issue with a Hotmail user try to configure the account on some third-party email client application.

hotmail account

When you are configuring your Hotmail account on your email client application; there are certain settings which need to enter carefully. The incoming email settings are responsible for receiving emails in your Yahoo mail account. Along with this the outgoing settings helps to send emails.

If any of these settings are incorrect, you will find yourself in the situation where you are unable to send or receive emails using your Hotmail account. The solution is here to review the settings and correct the server settings.

Hotmail Support Number +1-888-297-6323

Now, you might be thing that, how you can get the correct settings; well, here your concern has been taken care properly. You just need to follow the settings carefully while entering.

The correct IMAP Settings for Hotmail Account

• Your Name – The display name you would like others to see
• E-mail Address – Your complete main address of the Microsoft Account in full
• Account Type – IMAP
• Incoming mail server –
• Outgoing mail server –
• User Name – Your complete main address of the Microsoft Account
• Password – Your Microsoft Account password or an App Password when you have Two-Step Authentication enabled for your Microsoft Account
• Remember password – Optional
• Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) – Disabled
• My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication – Enabled
• Use same settings as my incoming mail server- Enabled
• Incoming server (IMAP) – 993
• Use the following type of encrypted connection – SSL
• Outgoing server (SMTP) – 587
• Use the following type of encrypted connection – TLS

Once you are done with the review and re-configuring the settings part; you can be able to get emails in your Hotmail account. Here, you can test it by sending some sample emails to your own account and other friends too. This will give you the confirmation of correct settings.

If you are in trouble with your Hotmail account then don’t worry, just call Hotmail customer support experts to get instant solution to your problems.

How to Configure Verizon Email Account with Outlook 2010

Do you think that using web browser or desktop computer is the only way to get access to your Verizon email account?

Most of the Verizon users have this understanding that they need a web browser to get access of your Verizon email account; actually, there are multiple ways to get into Verizon email account and using Outlook is also one of them. You need to configure Verizon email account with Outlook; see how it works.

The step by step guide for configuring Verizon email account with Outlook 2010

The first step is to open your Outlook application after installation

After that, select the File tab from it

file option outlook 2010

Here, under the Account Information section, you need to click on Add Account button, as this will add your Verizon email account with it

account tab in outlook

An Add New Account window will open

Verizon Support Number +1-888-297-6323

Now, you need to give the following information into the Auto Account Setup window; please be careful while entering the details

    1. Your Name field – Enter your full name
    2. E-mail Address field – Enter your Verizon Online email address
    3. Password field – Enter your Verizon Online password
    4. Retype Password field – Type your Verizon Online password

After that, select the Manually configure server settings or additional server types radio button by clicking on it

account form in outlook

Then, click the Next button; the Internet E-mail Settings window will open

Here, you need to enter your Internet E-mail Settings as follows

    1. Your Name field – Type your full name as profile name
    2. E-mail Address field – Type your Verizon Online email address
    3. Account Type – Select POP3
    4. Incoming mail server field – Type
    5. Outgoing mail server (SMTP) field – Type
    6. User Name field – Type your Verizon Online user name
    7. Password field – Type your Verizon Online password

Now, click on More Settings button

setting in outlook

Here, you need to choose the Outgoing Servers tab and specify the following settings here


Select the My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication

Select Use same settings as my incoming mail server

outgoing server outlook

Now, go for the Advanced tab and enter these following settings

    1. The Incoming Server (POP3) – 995
    2. The Outgoing Server (SMTP) – 465
    3. Use the following type of encrypted connection – SSL

Then, click on Ok button

advance setting outlook

In the final step, click on Next and Finish buttons one after another in order to complete your account setup

You have successfully configured Verizon email account with Microsoft Outlook 2010

If still getting any issue so you can directly contact our Verizon email expert for quick assistance on Verizon email.

How To Sign Up New Mail Account on Yahoo Android App

Android mobile phone has a feature to access emails on it with use of a single tap. You can get the Yahoo Mail app on your Android mobile device from Google play store. Once you get the app, you can sign up for a new account in it; if you don’t have an account with it. You can easily do it with help of this quick guide; this will help you to learn.

Sign Up New Mail Account on Yahoo Android App

 Steps to sign up a new Yahoo Mail account on your Yahoo Android app

The first step is to download the Yahoo Mail app on your Android device using the play store or this download link

Once the installation completes and then opens this app by tapping on it

  • Here, you will find the option to Create Account option
  • This will direct you to Sign Up page where you need to fill the details as First Name, Last Name, the desired username, Password, Mobile Number, Birthday, Gender and then tap on Create account button
  • Now, you will get a verification code on your mobile number which you need to use for further confirming your Yahoo account
  • You will get the confirmation message on your screen
  • That’s all

Your new account will get all the emails in your account; along this, you have a privilege to get your existing Yahoo email address on your Android device easily. This just needs to configure your existing account configured on it, using the email address and password.

Yahoo Support Number +1-888-297-6323

If you already have an account with Yahoo Mail; you can also get it configured on your Yahoo Mail app using these steps

  • Start from your Android phone, press or hold your device’s Menu button and then tap on Settings button
  • Here, you need to tap on Add account option
  • After that, tap on Email button
  • Also enter your full Yahoo email address and password in the given field
  • Now, tap on Next button
  • You have alternative to adjust your sync settings, then tap on the Next button
  • Now you can enter the name you want displayed on your outgoing mail as profile name, then tap on Next button
  • You have successfully configured your Yahoo Mail account on Android app

The Android mail app is wonderful and it gives you easy access of your all Yahoo mail and when you don’t have network coverage, you can still get access of all previous mails. If you are getting any issue then you can simply talk with Yahoo expert by dialing toll free Yahoo customer support helpline number