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How to Add Senders In Safe Sender In Hotmail Account

The annoying unwanted emails and spam emails in your inbox are a real pain; your Hotmail inbox will be filled soon in no time. The spam and junk emails are really annoying, especially when you are more into some important work and looking for a specific email or messages.

You can use the Junk Email filter protection and set it for the High Protection level; this is the best ever tool available for keeping the spam and junk mails away from your inbox. You just need to enable it and set the protection level.

Still, you are getting some wanted emails; what to do now, you already have the Junk Email filter protection enabled on your account. Well, here is one more layer of security with Junk Email filter; you can create a safe senders list for your inbox. This is the list of email addresses and domains which you wish to let you send emails. This is easy to do with the help of this quick guide.

How to add a sender to safe senders list

  1. Start with signing in to your Outlook Web App using your email address and correct password
  2. Now, from the top of the page, you need to select Settings > Mail
  3. Here, from the under Options section, choose any of these Block or allow option
  4. In order to add an entry/sender/email address to Safe senders and recipients list, you need to enter the email address or domain that you want to mark as safe or Approved in the Enter a sender or domain here text box, and then press Enter or select the Add icon next to the text box
  5. Additionally, you can also choose the Trust email from my Contacts check box to simply consider email from any address in your contacts folders as safe automatically
  6. Finally, choose Save to save your changes in the safe sender’s list

You have successfully created and enabled the safe sender’s list. This is really helpful to get rid of the unwanted emails in your inbox. Now, you won’t any more such junk mails in your inbox. Simply, sign out and sign in once again to use your account. Here, we would like to recommend one more thing, which will help you to keep the junk and wanted emails away from your inbox, don’t subscribe to any such marketing or promotional service provider.

If you need any other technical assistance for your Hotmail account, then you can dial Hotmail customer support service phone number for the help.

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