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Account Setting Is Not Saving In Yahoo Mail Account

Account Setting Is Not Saving In Yahoo Mail Account

If you have found your Yahoo mail account with some suspicious activities like emails sent or purchases made from your account, it can be a case of hacking. In such case, usually, you are suggested to change your password and add an extra security layer like enabling two-step verification. This undoubtedly helps in making your Yahoo Mail account more secured and protected as if anyone tries to hack or log in to your account, he/she will need to answer the security question or enter the code received on your registered phone.

Moreover, if you will be using Yahoo Mail on your Smartphone, it is best to sign out and sign in again using the new password and two-step verification. Performing this action in Android may not cause trouble adding your email back but if you are using Apple devices like iPad or iPhone, you may face server unavailability error message or unable to save the new password when trying to add back your Yahoo Mail account.

This issue arises mainly due to the two-step sign-in verification. You can resolve this problem by following these steps:

  1. Open your Yahoo Mail account and locate the setting option on the top right corner.
  2. Now go to “Account Info” tab and then go to edit your account info.
  3. Next, select “Manage your app password”, a new page will display.
  4. In this page, locate the Manage your app passwords box and type “my iPhone mail” then click on generate a password.
  5. A password will be generated which you will need to enter on your iPhone or iPad for whichever device you require it.
  6. After generating the password, go to “Setting” option on your iPhone and then go to “Emails, Contacts, Calendar”.
  7. Now, tap on Yahoo account information and erase the old password and enter the newly generated password.

Now, you will be able to save Yahoo Mail account on your iPhone or iPad. If this solution doesn’t help you save your Yahoo Mail account on Apple Device, you can ask for the assistance from our experts. Our team of experts possesses all the skills and technical knowledge of Yahoo Mail and thus is capable of bringing the best possible solution for any Yahoo Mail related issues. Our communication lines are available round the clock, so be it the middle of the night you need assistance or early in the morning that you face an issue with your Yahoo account, we are available all the time for your convenience. You can get in touch with our experts via our Yahoo customer support service toll-free number, email and live chat as well.

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