How To Recover Hacked or Suspended MSN Account

access hacked msn account

Microsoft suspends or temporarily blocks the account whenever it thinks there are some suspicious activities is going on your MSN account. Either someone is using it from an unrecognized location or sending spam to multiple contacts. However, you can unblock the account and regain access to it anytime. You just need to verify the ownership to the account and you are on your way.

Login To MSN Email Account

You must make sure that the account has been hacked or has been compromised. Try to log on to MSN, if you are lucky enough to get in then immediately change your password.

What to do if unable to login MSN Account

If you are unable to get into your MSN account, you need to provide the previously connected mobile number or any email address and you will be given the new password. If you can’t get in then, still you can get access to your account. You can click on the link and provide the exact answers as much as you can. Someone from the support team will help you to regain the password of your MSN account. You must watch out the security details and recovery options such as the mobile number and the alternate email address. Hackers can reverse the things again if you haven’t updated this information as soon as possible.

Tips To Secure Your MSN Account

  1. Scammers use malware to steal your MSN account details through a phishing attempt. Make sure that you don’t click on the link sent via email from unknown domains or persons.

2. You must install the latest version of the Windows Defender to keep your system safe and secure. If you don’t have Windows 10 yet then you can purchase some of the reputed antivirus programs and install on your system or Microsoft security essentials can also be downloaded for free from the download center of Microsoft.

3. Always choose a strong password which is hard to get. Never give access to unknown apps and programs if you aren’t sure. Restart the system if required and avoid using programs that require high bandwidth.

If none of the above works, then immediately contact our certified professionals on our toll-free MSN customer support number and get the instant resolution to the same.

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  1. Hi I think my msn account was hacked for a couple of hours.this afternoon I think I was hacked. I could not get access to my msn account.
    Is there any way u can tell me if there was any activity on my account with in the hours from 12:30- 5:30 this afternoon. Thanks.

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