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Email has become an important part of our daily lives whether it is personal or professional. Email started as a simple service that required sender and receiver both to be online at the time of emailing. There was no online storage space at the time. But email service has improved a lot and these days we can enjoy a wide range of features offered by email services providers. Today we can have GBs of online storage, can write in a rich text formatting, can attach files of various types and can even store our emails on our own computers to access even when we are not connected to internet.

Today we enjoy the freedom of selecting the most suitable email services provider. Outlook is one of the most popular names in the industry and known as one of the initial services providers. It was launched in 1996 by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia as Hotmail. Later in 1997, it was acquired by Microsoft was launched as MSN Hotmail. It had to go through various changes and updates and it is currently known as is Outlook that is available with simple yet powerful interface.It has more than 400 million active users all over the world.

Features of Outlook:

You can find various email services providers on the internet but not all of the providers are offering same features. Each one of these companies varies from each other based on the features they are offering to their users. Outlook has always been known for offering attractive features to its users. Its power packed features have led the company to such a huge success it enjoys today. Some of the features being offered by Outlook are as mentioned below:

  • Users can enjoy an online storage space of 5 GB
  • It works on folder-based email organization that helps its users to manage their emails in a more convenient and easy to access manner
  • Emails can be accessed directly from the web or through Mail app, outlook client or other third party clients
  • Its spam filter keeps unwanted email in the junk folder so you do not be bothered
  • In order to protect its users from malicious scripts and viruses, it scans all the files that are attached with the email.
  • Users can easily import or export their contacts as a backup
  • Contact grouping is also available to make emailing more convenient
  • Integration of Skype, Office Online and various other third party add-on to enhance user experience and to add more usability

Common Technical Problems of Outlook:

Just like any other email services provider, outlook users also have to face some technical difficulties. Some of the common problems with Outlook services are:

  • Receiving extremely slow response from Outlook server or not responding at all
  • Cannot access the account
  • Unable to send or receive emails from Outlook
  • Cannot login on other devices
  • Unable to attach a file or cannot download attached one
  • Email clients not working or crashes while synching with the server
  • Unable to send email from email client or app
  • Account is blocked or suspended

Contact Official Outlook Customer Support Service:

Outlook is featuring a community to provide the required help to the users of they are experiencing any problem. It is a huge community where users have shared the problems they had to face and experts have provided the solutions. It is advised to have a look at the community and help center pages first. But it fails to provide you the right solution; you can contact outlook

support through following methods:

  • Through email
  • Through Outlook technical support number or toll free number

Excellent Instant Outlook Technical Support Service:

You can contact us freely if you cannot wait longer to get your problem fixed. Our professional and experienced engineers will provide you an instant solution to your Outlook problem. Each and every client is important to us so always ensure that we treat our clients with utmost respect. We are available 24×7 to offer our tech support to our clients. You can share your problem with us through email, live chat or through customer care number. Our experts carefully examine each case to ensure that we are offering a permanent solution. You can always rely on us whatever problem you are having with your Outlook account.

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Email Support Toll Free +1-888-523-0691